#EpicFantasy #NewRelease #DarkFey Breaking Into The Light!


After nearly two years of work and inestimable patience on your part, I am overjoyed to be able to (finally) announce the release of book three of the Dark Fey Trilogy!

Breaking Into The Light is now available through Amazon/Kindle 

Breaking into the Light relates the Inspiration of Hope and the Power of Forgiveness through a tale that is brutally beautiful.

The Reviled are the enemy; merciless, untrustworthy.  They embody brutality and devastation.  The Fey of the Light have lived with these truths for millennia.  Daring to think otherwise invites tragedy.

Gairynzvl was a Reviled Fey and lived the riotous life of all Dark Ones; yet now he is rescuing younglings from the darkness.  The actions taken by him and his band of Liberators are fulfilling Ancient Prophecies and proving long-accepted beliefs to be inaccurate. Those who have lived in the Light all their lives, who enjoyed the luxuries of abundance, are suddenly faced with unavoidable questions.

How is Peace achieved? Can Light unite with Darkness?

Will the Fey of the Light sacrifice everything to achieve that which seems impossible or will they turn their heads and ignore the shadows weeping all around them?


Curious, but not entirely sure?  Here’s a few snippets to spark your interest!

Behind them, where the portal exposed by the Great Gate’s falling melded two opposing realms into one, the shadows beneath the mountain heaved and hissed with the threatening vocalizations of the Reviled.

Crimson stained arrows shot from the darkness, seeking any who might be unfortunate enough to find themselves in their trajectory, yet these tactics could be little more than intimidation; a warning of the conflict to come when the Light diminished.  The Liberators knew this and stood on either side of the yawning portal, making their presence known by creating a game out of knocking aside with their swords as many arrows as they could and by returning the insidious calls from the presently thwarted Demonfey.  Tauntingly, they issued brash invitations for the Cursed Ones to come forth; fully cognizant of the fact that they could not bear the brilliant Light filling the clearing, yet jeering at their cowardice.

“It is a treacherous game we play.”  Evondair noted as he stood beside Reydan, both malefey wordlessly observing the derisive bantering going on while standing over their fallen comrade in the silently descending flurries that had begun falling.


Crimson glitters scattered darkness into the night; fire and flame cascading through the silence.  The quiet environs of forest would never be the same.  Not after He had been there, shaking his hatred outward, spreading abhorrence and cruelty like seeds being sown into fertile soil; like sparks scattering from a raging flame.

They stood in mute horror, watching the conflagration as it stretched outward from his hands, crimson glitters of malevolence reaching into their tranquility, seeking only devastation.

Yet one stood against the infiltration; deep viridian staring boldly into the scarlet haze, wielding a magic Evil could never comprehend.


Discover more about Dark Fey here


Thank You Ever So for sharing my excitement today 🙂



    1. OH I hope you like it 🙂 Its ultimately far more positive than the last one 😉 Do Please let me know what you think when you get round to reading it. I have had zero feedback on it during the writing process, so Im dying for some 😉

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