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A Wonderful Introduction to a very unique, exceptionally exciting tale that I highly recommend. I’ve enjoyed Book One and Two myself and am chomping at the bit for the finale 🙂

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’m very grateful to the wonderful Sue Vincent for allowing me space on her site to introduce my new book. But not just yet. What! Is he mad?

Well, some might say yes and others might agree with them. However, instead of bombarding people with book links, I wanted to explain why. Why The Eternals and the three books the idea spawned?


Time is such a tiny word to explain such a pivotal force. How important is time to us as those who dwell in it? I can only speak for myself when I say time is precious. But would time be more or less important to those who have all eternity to live? It’s probably fair to say less. What about if after aeons of time, and enjoying every minute of it, someone said your time’s up? Hmm, what then?

Those who are neither human nor vampire, those…

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