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You may have already noticed, or perhaps not, on weekends I am rather quiet (well, as quiet as I can manage to be, given we are talking about ME). Though this has been occurring for some time now, I thought, perchance, a smidgen of explanation might be in order (though many of you, once reading this, will smile, agree, and otherwise nod your head, saying to yourself “I knew that already”) (and if that is the case, then I Thank You and apologize for, here, stating the obvious).

Weekends for me are rather busy, as I am certain they are for you as well, which leaves precious little time for writing, let alone finding time to stop in to all my favourite blogs, read what you’ve offered and add a smiling comment (or six, depending). You may have experienced the same difficulty now and again; nevertheless, and otherwise notwithstanding, I should like to clarify that, although I may be a somewhat silent reader on the weekends, I assure you, I am still here, fluttering around.

Typically during the week I have time to stop in and make comments; while on the weekends, I tend to scroll through the WP Reader and hit LIKE a lot. This may offend some people with the misconception that a Comment-less Like is impersonal and detached, and, although I agree somewhat with that notion, I also rarely have time to do more. (Life switches into super-sonic on the weekends rather than merely High Gear during the week, while I try to squeeze in as much fun and writing time as possible in the midst of cleaning, running errands, and the like) (I’m sure you’ve suffered the same phenomenon once or twice, haven’t you?)

Thus, although on the weekends I may simply LIKE what you’ve offered and you may not SEE me in your comments field, please please PLEASE do know that my Like is more akin to an “AWESEOME”, “I Love this!”, “This Rocks!”, or “This is Truly Beautiful!” rather than merely a simple “Yeah, Hi, Hello, LIKE, see ya!” and of course, each Like that I click is similarly connected to a “Blessings Dear Friend!”, “Happiness and Joy!”, or “Bless You This Sweet Day~” kindly felt and thought.

In addition to this, I would also like to take this moment redundancy (but hopefully not futility!) to once again Thank all my marvelous Guest Bloggers, who help to fill in the gaps on the weekends and HOPEFULLY also provide some much needed diversity to BnV.  Thank You to They who make my silence less silent!!  (OH, and if you should feel yourself inclined to Guest Blog via BnV please feel free to contact me!)

So, in closing, I hope you will look with a gentle heart upon my weekend Likes, when they occur, with an enhanced understanding and, perhaps, greater patience; knowing that, while I have said little, my Heart is Smiling and my Spirit is Ever Thankful for All of You!

Rock On my Friends!! You Are Awesome ~


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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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