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Fellow Author and Creative Spirit Uvi Poznansky Recently paid me the honour of talking with me about the ‘little knowns’ of Dark Fey, no only what inspired the tale, butwhat makes the characters unique and what message the story relates.


What Inspired you to write Dark Fey?  Many have asked me to explain to them what Dark Fey is about and how it was inspired.  The original inspiration for the story came to me through a vivid dream, which I could not stop thinking about days afterward.  As I thought about it, the characters stepped out of the shadows of the dream and demanded my full attention, so I finally sat down and wrote out the entire scene as I saw it in my mind, which is now Chapter Six of The Reviled.(which you can preview in its entirety here)

Tell us about your characters and what makes them unique?  First and foremost, the Feyfolk of Jyndari (which includes the Fey of the Uunglarda) are winged beings the size of any human, rather than ‘tinkerbells’.  Each Fey is born with an inherent gift, something that comes naturally to them that they must learn to hone and use responsibly.  Many Fey are telepathic; they can read the thoughts of others and can project their thoughts into another’s mind if that Fey is also telepathic.  Some are Empathic; they can read and often feel the emotions of others.  Fewer have a gift of Discernment.  These Fey are able to mentally connect with another and gain an intimate understanding of the other; knowing them as well as they know themselves.  A rare few are Dream Walkers who can enter another’s mind through dreams or nightmares.  With these gifts, the Fey of Jyndari have a unique way of communicating with each other on a non-verbal, often far more intimate level than we humans do; however, because of this these gifts also require strict moderation.  Fey are taught from a very early age not to ‘read’ or ‘delve’ without permission and doing so is considered an offense against privacy.

Many, though not all Fey, are also born with a gift of magic unique to them.  Some are spell-casters; some are able to manipulate the forces of nature; some have exceptional speed or strength, and others are able to bend light.

What point of view did you write Dark Fey from and why?  In nearly all my writing I utilize an omniscient third person POV. It’s simply how I’ve always written and, because I tend to focus on the emotional connection between characters, it’s often a better way to relate their state of being. I didn’t really give it much thought when I began writing Dark Fey; yet as the story progressed, it has become an emotionally charged tale and the all-knowing perspective has allowed me to share those emotions with my readers in a powerful way that draws them into the story.  Additionally, the gifts the Fey of Jyndari utilize in their communication with each other is based as much upon emotional understanding as verbal comprehension, and being able to share these emotions with the reader brings the tale to life in a far more vivid manner (at least, I think so.)



What is Dark Fey all about?

The story of Dark Fey is set in a mystical realm of my own creation called Jyndari, but the message is relative to our own reality.  It is a fantasy, a romance and a tale of suspense and mystery, but the moral undertone is inescapable.  That being: the Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness can change the world, if you take Positive Action to Create Change through doing what is Right.  As Evondair says in the third book of the trilogy: “The only way to achieve Peace is to become Peace.”

This message came partially as a result of learning about the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) in Uganda, where militant rebels have been abducting children for over 20 years, integrating them into their army through abuse and cruelty, and forcing them to endure lives of violence.  I was moved to my very spirit by such a horrifying truth and chose this medium to share a similar story. However, unlike our own reality where this atrocity continues even today, the Fey of Jyndari choose to change their world by taking Positive Action through Sacrifice, Acceptance and Forgiveness.

It is my greatest hope to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Dark Fey to UNICEF’s work in Uganda where they actively rehabilitate the children affected by the LRA.


Thanks Ever so much Uvi! Please do be sure to stop by Uvi’s blog to check out her books AND artwork!




    1. Really? Thats makes me smile. I have always felt this story has been led …meaning I am just taking it down as it tells itself to me. When the third installment comes out and people realize the ‘message’ I do believe more will ‘sit up and take note’. At least, I certainly hope, because to me it’s a very powerful message (of forgiveness)..there I go rambling. Thanks Ever So Much for humouring me LOL 🙂

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