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Heavensgate Joy  by Leo Kane

Death is obsessed with her.
Angels adore her.
Evil desires her.

Joy, the unloved child of the local virgin miraculously resurrects years after drowning in the North Sea. Everyone craves her company, but no-one remembers her for more than a fleeting moment.

Stalked by Death, Joy becomes trapped in Heavensgate, where she falls victim to the demonic supernatural, Jake. She is willing to sacrifice her immortal soul for his love. He wants to defile and destroy her.

Can she escape Heavensgate, or will the Beast steal Joy from the Mortal Realm?


A Tumultuous tale about tortured souls.

I shall begin by saying that this is definitely not a standalone:  If you haven’t read Heavensgate Hope and think you can jump into the story in this second book, your thoughts will end up more twisted than the main characters.  Yet having stated that, I will also say that Leo Kane has written a masterful sequel to her initial story, filling page after riveting page with confusion, disarray, and enough steam to power a locomotive from the character you love to hate and hate to love: Jake.

As the story delves deeper into the incursions and capitulations of the main character, Jacob, and draws in the new, haunting character of Joy, you are lead down an increasingly twisted avenue into the darkness, connecting you in an extremely powerful way to the tortured soul(s) about which Leo write.  You begin to THINK you understand; then the carpet is pulled out from beneath you, leaving you re-reading frantically trying to figure out just what you missed.  But the truth is, you didn’t miss anything and that is the Brilliance of the author’s writing which allows you to experience the inescapable chaos of the main character(s).\

I found myself emotionally and mentally drained after reading this second installment, yet thirsty for more!  Bring on Book Three, Leo…I’m ready….I think!


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