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In the Heavensgate series by Leo Kane, the main protagonist, Jacob, battles for his sanity surrounded by supernatural enemies and allies as he struggles to free the Keeper of the Forbidden Book.  However, Jacob has another problem that stains his days and pours terror into his nights – he has an alter-ego named Jake (identified in the interview below in italics), a psychotic, sex-crazed, foul mouthed thug who fights Jacob for supremacy.  Into this strange world, where the line between the living and the dead is erased, the terrifying and seductive presence of the spirit, Hope, brings Jacob love and comfort.

Now he will discover that in Heavensgate, even Hope has a dark side.

Hello, May I ask your name?

Well, darlin’ that depends on which one of us you want to talk to.

Ignore him. My name is Jacob Andersen. Doc believes I have a multiple- personality disorder.

My name is Jake.  Doc got his qualification from a pack of Weety Flakes, sunbeam, don’t you pay him any attention.

Oh, now this is interesting.  Um..where were you two born and where do you now reside?

I have no idea where I was born. I reside in the Lodge at Heavensgate. It’s a hauntingly beautiful place.

I was born on the day that murdering b*s*trd, Jacob, killed my family.  Where do I reside? I am in Heavensgate; a place you need a f’ing bad miracle to find and a living hell you can never leave.

Oh dear, well, it may be obvious to my reader’s already, but for the sake of the interview, can you tell me what internal battles you struggle with or what would you like to change about yourself?

I’m an orphan and I struggle with the guilt of accidentally killing my family. I still grieve for my first wife, Susie, who died in a road accident. My current wife, Louise, and son, Tommy, are missing.  I’m just trying to stay sane, survive and escape the ghosts that haunt me, but I am losing hope.  I’d like to change my memory, it’s full of darkness, whole years are missing.

Shut the f**k up, Jacob, for shit’s sake. No f***er cares about your whining b**ch act.  Listen to me, ignore Jacob, he’s a waste of skin. This series is about me, Jake, his supposedly psychotic, sex-crazed alter-ego.  I am ‘Holy Joe’ Jacob’s doer of dirty deeds and his fall guy.  Jacob is the insignificant yellow streak of chicken sh*t that presently occupies the front seat of our mind. But not for much longer.

Well, this is certainly a new one for my blog, but let’s do get on.  Do you have a personal creed you live by?

Do no harm.

Don’t get f**kin’ caught.

(I can’t help laughing here. I know I ought to be astonished or vexed by Jake’s impudence and ‘colourful’ language, but he is making me laugh anyway.) 

I may regret asking this, but what are you most passionate about and what do you despise most?

I am passionate about finding my wife, Lou and our boy, Tommy.  I despise Jake and the evil things I suspect he does with our body.  I despise foul language and men who use women.

It’s my body!  Tom is not Lou’s son and he is not your boy!  I’ll tell you what I despise – f’ing flower-mouthed Virgin Mary cowards that won’t do their own dirty work.

Is there anything else should we know about you?

When I was a boy, I burnt down the house killing my parents and the twins. It was an accident.

Yeah just like killing my Susie and raping Rosie were accidents. Don’t be fooled by his choir boy act. Jacob’s a stone cold killer and he loves it.

I am a good and loving man living a difficult life.  Jake wouldn’t know the truth if he saw it in the mirror.

Let’s not argue, hmmm?  Can you tell me when and where is your tale set?

This part of our story ends in your time, 2015, but, Heavensgate has its own physical rules, so you can’t rely on dates to show you the way, for that you need a local, someone like me. 

We live in the forest Lodge, by beautiful Lake Disregard and the Alolejos Mountains, quite close to the main town in Heavensgate.  Some say Heavensgate is the place where the line between the living and the dead is erased. Every time I die here, I can’t seem to stay dead. Maybe I’m a ghost?

Or, for a change of scenery, we live in the f’ing Psychiatric Unit when the wuss, Saint Jacob, needs a break from little ole psycho me. Then there’s the part of us he has locked in the Tower with the Forbidden Book. I’ll get that book one day.Jacob I am sick of telling you this – you are not f’ing dead!

Who shares in your adventure and how are they important to you?

Finding my lost family is the most important thing in my life. I have met Hope, and I admit I am attracted to her, but she keeps leaving me. I’m alone too much.  Annie and Jon come around most days, trying to keep me sane while the useless cops try and pin the murders of Lou and Tommy and a few others on me. I’m innocent.

I keep f’ing telling him that no matter how many times she lets him shag her, Hope isn’t real.  Our parents, the twins, our wives and our son have all packed their bags for the great beyond.  I’m not sure about Annie and Jon; they’re something unknown to me.  Jacob forgets stuff, important stuff, but it’s all in the Book. He won’t tell you this, but the paedo, Pricksy Wicksy, is important to him!

Yeah and that b**ch, Mary, is important to you.

Don’t you disrespect my woman, she taught me everything I know about getting down and dirty.

She was my foster mother! Now get out of my head, Jake, I’m trying to do an interview with Cynthia here.

Cyn? Sounds interesting. Cyn by name – sinner by nature, eh baby?

Actually, it’s Morgan, thank you and this interview is about you, well, both of you, not me.  Where were we? Oh, what is it you seek to achieve, change or create?

I need to read the Forbidden Book and rescue the boy, Jacky, but I can’t find the key to the Tower. I must find my wife and son and get the cops off my back. I very much want the ghosts and Jake to leave me alone and I am desperate for the pink Cadillac to stop its drive-by hauntings.

I want to get out of this f’ing hell hole. I want to torture that b**ch, Hope, who stole our heart; who stood by and watched us being abused and accused of crimes I did not commit! I want Jacob to remember what he f’ing did to me, what he did to the kid, Jacky and to every other personality skulking around in this sewer that Jacob calls his sanity.  Ultimately, I want total control of this mind, this body and this soul because they belong to me!  Sorry, Cyn, Or Morgan, whichever, it doesn’t matter to me.  I have a short fuse. Now, tell me all about yourself? Where do you like to be kissed first?

That’s really a question for another interview, wouldn’t you agree?  But ,what challenges or obstacles stand in your way?

Jake, because he is trying to steal my mind and open the Forbidden Book. The cops because they think I murdered my family. The threatening pink Cadillac gets in the way of my peace of mind so I can’t think straight. I did not mean to kill Joan and set fire to her in that car; I truly didn’t. I can’t even remember it!

Jacob is the only obstacle in my way. He barbecued our family; he gave our f’ing heart away to that b**ch, Hope; he hid our memories in the Forbidden Book in the Tower. He set the Judge on me and the b**tard tried to kill me!

Oh dear…well what inspired you to this course of action?

Inspired me? Love, grief and despair are my inspirations.

Inspired me? The devil drives, honey, don’t you know that yet?

Only on the sixth Monday of the month, Jake.  Well, what else should we know?

Jake has the blood of innocents on his hands. I think that Hope may be a spirit or that Hope is dead and I’m terrified she wants me to join her.

I know you now, Morgan. We could get to know each other a lot better. If you want to ‘talk’ meet me on the pages of Heavensgate – Hope and, if you’re not the jealous type, take a look in Heavensgate – Joy, there’s some action you might like in there and – Jacob is dust!

I am?

You sure as hell are, sunbeam.

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Wasn’t this fun?!   To discover more about Jacob (aka Jake):

Heavensgate; Hope  http://www.amazon.com/dp/1535485590

Heavensgate Joy  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AF3OQPG

Both are available now & You can connect with Leo Kane at:

Twitter: @h_gleokane

Facebook: https://facebook.com/Leokaneheavensgate

E Mail: http://HGleokane@hotmail.com

Amazon Author Page can be found linked to the books.

Web site: http://hgleokane.wix.com/heavensgate 


Born in the Steel City of Sheffield, England, and presently living in Almeria, Spain, Leo Kane has spent a lot of her life day-dreaming and refuses to outgrow the habit. Despite this deficiency she managed to raise a family of three wonderful girls, a tolerant husband and, recently, a crazy husky. She also acquired a successful career in HR and Law and a Master of Science degree – she has no idea how this happened.

Leo is also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a fascination for the human condition and those fears that plague our dreams. When not sending people into a trance, or bringing her twisted characters to life on the page, Leo mainly spends her time staring out of windows or using her husband as a guinea pig for experimental cookery, which he places in the horror genre.

The most startling feedback Leo ever received on her Heavensgate series is: 

‘I hate you, you keep me awake.’  She hopes this was reference to the reader’s inability to put her book down.   The highest praise Leo has received as an author of spooky, supernatural thrillers is:  ‘If you like King and Koontz, you will love Kane!’

Leo’s response? ‘OMG. I can die happy.’

. Written Entirely by Leo Kane




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    1. 🙂 I agree, he really had me laughing! I have the books in my TBRList and will be reviewing them both (here) in October. Im glad you enjoyed this interaction…Thanks for Reading Dante 🙂

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