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There are many places in this world that have a reputation for being haunted or evil. Native Americans, as well as other ancient cultures throughout the world, name many places as cursed or avoid them because they understand how dangerous they are, but why? Is it perhaps because these places are inhabited by Negative Energy; by demons for lack of a better name? If we Believe there is Positive Perfected Energy, then the opposite must also be true, but what happens to these places infested by shadows and what happens to us when we choose to live there?

Many legends exist of places that are said to be cursed.  Places where multiple murders or endless tragedies have happened across generations among those who have chosen to live on those lands.  These places seem to breed violence, hatred, or despair, which leads those who reside there to desperate acts, but my question has always been Why?  It seems unlikely that family after family, spanning dozens and perhaps hundreds of years, should experience traumatic deaths, illnesses, and other losses; or that violent choices or activities should be the actions of persons who were peaceable and relatively virtuous before taking up residence in such places.

Cursed lands are said to exist across the globe spanning from the United States to Australia, and many of these places are fraught with tales of similar tragedy and death.  Is it perhaps because there is Negative Energy in residence in these places, spawning illness, disease, destruction and death?  If we Believe that Positive Energy seeks peaceful communication and interaction, then must we not also accept that Negative Energy seeks the opposite?  And if this is the case, then, perhaps, the pattern of these condemned and dissolute places comes into focus, as does the reason behind them being condemned and dissolute in the first place.

This may also explain why so many places linger in our thoughts, cause sleep disturbances and even emotional distress when we are repeatedly exposed to them.  Does this Negative Energy cause conflict and turmoil in our own Essence as it does with our physical bodies?  Energy interacts with Energy, so it would seem to make sense that the more frequently we connect and communicate with the Shadows, our Essence responds in kind.  If we deliberately choose to discount or ignore the warning signals our Essence gives us to warn us of the presence of Negative Energy, such as shivers, fear, physical disorientation, and even panic, will we not ultimately fall under the influence of those Shadows disrupting our otherwise Positive Presence?

There are many in the current culture who seek out these places of darkness in order to interact with, or document if you will, the presence of incorporeal Energy, whether it is Positive or Negative, and these “investigators” tend to throw caution to the wind in order to capture proof, but at what cost?  Divorces, deaths, illnesses, oppressions, and other such happenings in these persons lives are hard to ignore; as is the undeniable shift in their personal appearances and personalities (who shall of course remain nameless), but when they speak of repeated demonic oppressions and conflicts in their personal lives as a direct result of what they do for a living, a certain level of credence must be acknowledged, mustn’t it?

To be sure, our curiosity will lead us into the Shadows, just as it leads us to explore the stars in the heavens and the depths of the oceans, but in all other ventures of exploration, precautions are taken and safety is rarely dismissed simply for the sake of “getting something on camera”.  Exploration is as much a part of our makeup or Nature as Energy is and there are many of us who enjoy the rush that goes hand in hand with facing danger, but we do not ride roller coasters without safety bars; we do not jump out of airplanes without parachutes; and we certainly do not stand in front of a raging wildfires without some form of protective gear, thus, if we are going to walk into the Shadows, should we not bear a beacon of Light with us; some shred of protection against the unexplainable in order to defend us.  If we find Positive Energy, that protection is unnecessary, but what if we encounter darkness, shadows and demons?

What sort of protection?  There is only one of which I am aware and it can and will shield you in all circumstances and against All forms of darkness and shadows, but only if you permit it to.  In the Final post of this series, I shall recount an experience I had not so many years ago in one of the most haunted places in the United States:  Gettysburg, PA, and shall explain further about this Protection of which I speak.







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  1. I’m looking forward to hearing about the protection procedure. Once, in the wee hours of the morning in an apartment that had shown evidence of ghostly presence, I was awakened by the feeling of something sitting on my chest. It seemed to be someone small. I simply said, “I’m too tired to deal with you now. Bless you and be on your way,” at which point it disappeared and I went back to sleep.

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    1. That was a very gentle way to deal with it, without fear, yet validating it’s presence. I often wonder if all most spirits really want is validation, because after all, do not we seek that in our physical form. Perhaps that need carries over …perhaps that is part of the reason some spirits linger. Thank You for sharing this 🙂
      Ive shared only a small portion about the ‘protection procedure’ in today’s final post. do please let me know if you find it lacking..or if you feel it may be worth an entire post all of its own. I’m always leery of ‘overkill’ in such situations…but could potentially share more if other’s are also intrigued.


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