Those We Do Not Speak Of – Shades of Gray- #Spirituality and #Afterlife

Shades of Gray


Where does the Essence go once it departs our physical body? Does it consciously decide whether to go towards the Light or remain in the earthly plane? Are we in control of what happens to our Essence or does energy return to Energy, from which it sprung?

Many Believe our last breath is simply the beginning of the next step on our journey. That we depart the Earth Plane and return to the Source of all Life and I for one also Believe this is so. Coming from a Christian perspective, I Believe the Essence is created by the Creator just as the physical body is and, upon completion of our life, we return to that Source to give an accounting of what we achieved, what we did not, and if we have fulfilled our Purpose. Yes, I do also Believe that each of us enters the Earth Plane with a specific Purpose; a goal to achieve or a lesson to learn or impart. Thus, it only makes sense that we would also need to review our life, take stock in those things we may have done that were a Blessing to others or served some useful Purpose before, perhaps, continuing on or returning for another go.

If it is prerequisite that we are drawn back into the Light upon completion of this life cycle, how then does it seem so many remain in “limbo”? If we accept that we are given the gift of free choice, are these who remain consciously choosing to avoid that final accounting of their life for some reason? Do they linger in this place rather than crossing over out of fear or maybe disrespect? If they are not anxious to rejoin that Perfected, Positive Energy, might we then assume they are a more negative form of energy, one of the many shades of gray as it were, and; if they are, how might they, then, interact with us? How does our Essence perceive negative energy?

I have had several experiences with positive energy throughout my years, most recently shortly after the passing of my mother. I had moved and, while settling in to my new home, there was more than one occasion when my cat stopped in his tracks to stare fixedly at something I could not see. For those of you who have pets, I am sure you may agree that there is a distinct difference between a blissful stare off into oblivion by our fuzzy friend and the repeated shifting of their head and gaze in the attempt to focus on something. Sitting in a dimly lighted, new house and seeing my cat do this should have unnerved me, or at least made those tiny hairs on the nape of my neck stand up, but I merely smiled. I am convinced the energy my cat was perceiving was that of my mother, or perhaps my Guardian, just checking on me. There was no fear, dread or threat of any kind involved and this is why I Believe it was Positive energy.

Many situations are equally pleasant or reassuring, but there are just as many, perhaps more, that are not. What happens when we encounter negative or imperfect energy? How does our Essence perceive or interact with those myriad shades of gray in the shadows of the Light? Is this when we experience fear? Does our Essence warn us by instilling in us an inherent dread of a certain place or situation because it is aware of that which we are not? If we choose to disregard this warning and persist in returning to this place of fear and dread, whether out of necessity or curiosity, how does the repeated interaction with negative energy affect us? In the physical form, when we are confronted by a bully, our anxiety increases, our confidence fails, we become withdrawn, inhibited. As the oppression of our Essence increases, do we similarly become defensive, angry, resentful, even violent?

There are many places in this world that have a reputation for being haunted or evil. Native Americans, as well as other ancient cultures throughout the world, name many places as cursed or avoid them because they understand how dangerous they are, but why? Is it perhaps because these places are inhabited by negative energy; by demons for lack of a better name? If we Believe there is Positive Perfected Energy, then the opposite must also be true, but what happens to these places infested by shadows and what happens to us when we choose to live there?

These are the questions we shall explore next time.

Now, Please share your experiences with positive or negative energy and how those interaction affected you.






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10 thoughts on “Those We Do Not Speak Of – Shades of Gray- #Spirituality and #Afterlife

  1. Several times since my parents’ deaths, my father at 83 and my mother at 95, I have keenly felt their presence near me at times of duress in my life. I too have a Christian perspective on life & death but I must confess I really have no idea where the dead go when they leave their bodies behind. And I do not believe they come back to visit us positively or negatively, but hold to the Hebrew understanding of death that believes the dead live on in their progeny AND in the memories of those whose stories they have shared. Such stories are eternal. This idea of living memory has helped me a lot in coming to terms with the death of family and friends. I expect one day I too will live on in the memories of those who have shared my journey; I hope positively . . . And I hope to find myself in the broader and more inclusive Kingdom of God . . .

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    1. Thank You so much Peter for joining the conversation and adding your insights to the growing wealth shared here. I would like to ask you a question, if I may? You begin by saying you have felt your parent’s presence near you in times of duress, then add that you do not believe the Essence returns to us …so I am confused, but should like to understand your meaning. I don’t mean to argue; I simply should like to know what I don’t quite grasp from what you’ve said.
      I too hope to find myself amidst the Realm of Eternal Light and Peace 🙂


  2. I don’t remember, Morgan, if I shared this with you before, but here goes. Three days after my closest woman friend died, I was sitting in my living room reading, when suddenly the air was filled with that wonderful, warm “presence” that I had experienced one time before at the death of another close friend. I just basked in it and then heard her, in my mind say, “You’re going to love it here, darling.” Then, gradually, the presence faded.

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    1. That is Extraordinary and so Beautiful, Patricia 🙂 That warmth, that sensation of peace, which came first, I believe was the Essence of your friend, communicating non-verbally with Your Essence. Perhaps that is the way our Spirits share and then, because you are still a physical being, the words filtered through to you, completing the transference of her thoughts to yours.

      Thank You Ever So Much for sharing this…Its so Wonderful 🙂 (and makes me think more.. 🙂

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  3. Morgan I think your insights here are excellent. Yes I think there are spirits in a state of limbo, probably because they choose to be. And the energies you think of as positive and negative I see as light and darkness, which are probably the same as your description. And again your comments about choosing one or the other I believe are right on target. I find your ideas about oppression by a bully fascinating. I would agree that our essence can turn negative unless we actively reverse the process through forgiveness. Peace.


    1. Thank You so much for sharing what you believe here, Nico. It is always intriguing for me to think about how the unseen in our world affects the seen, how the shadows can ‘infest’ the light and I believe it is these ‘infestations’, which we choose to disregard, either by choice or by our obliviousness to the ethereal world around us, that ultimately generates much of the negativity in our world.
      You are spot on about Forgiveness…and interestingly (or perhaps not) enough, it is these ideas that burn brightly in the Light of Dark Fey 😉

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  4. This is a subject I could write a book on but so as not to prattle on I’ll just say I believe in and have experienced events having to do with the afterlife and most certainly believe in negative energy and positive force. Great post!


  5. Interesting thoughts about the spiritual realm and energy. I agree we are given free choice. I think people can radiate positive or negative energy in the physical plane or realm also; I have had times where I have walked into a room and sensed a positive or negative atmosphere. People are spiritual beings, so the origin for this could be considered spiritual. Fear in the right context isn’t a bad thing; it is warning you something isn’t right, and you can (usually) choose how to respond to that fear (i.e., remove yourself from the situation or environment or not). To be afraid all the time isn’t good either though, there is a balancing point. It’s wise to listen to your intuition.

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    1. It is very wise to listen, though often more difficult than it might seem. Thank You for sharing your thoughts Michelle and adding to the discussion, enriching what we are sharing through your insights 🙂


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