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Communication.  What is it exactly?  How does communication happen and in what ways do we understand each other.   Oxford tells us it is:  The imparting or exchanging of information or news; a letter or message containing information; and/or the successful conveying or sharing of ideas and feelings.  So, according to this, communication depends upon two or more parties being involved; accepting a transference of information, ideas or emotions; and the success of that conveyance.

Language is an extraordinary thing.  The differences in our languages are seemingly boundless and with all the intricacies, dialects, regional connotations and interpretations, not to mention slang and hyper-text abbreviations, it is a miracle we understand each other at all.  Is this, perhaps, one of the reasons why Those We Do Not Speak Of often choose to Communicate on a non-verbal level?  If a connection is desired or required, what other methods might a person, or the Essence, utilize?  Our senses are often easily beguiled and fear of what we do not understand invariably taints our perception; so how might one who has traversed the Great Divide reach out to us successfully?

*** Before continuing on, I believe it is important to say that there are “good” and “bad” forms of the Essence; positives and negatives, as it were.  You may find yourself questioning this statement, but when we consider that in nature “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, you may pause to reexamine it.  It is also, perhaps, important to consider that there are “good” and “not so good” people all around us, so why should we be confounded by the notion that there are also spirits with less than charitable or harmonious motives and purposes?   I shall delve deeper into this subject next time, but when talking about any form of Communication, I think it is imperative to understand that caution is always advised. ***

Most often people seem to experience an impression, an awareness, of something inexplicable being present; whether or not they choose to accept or heed this perception as fact.  The feeling of hairs standing up on the back of your neck or a sensation similar to static electricity is commonly reported; so regularly, in fact, that one might wonder if this is our body’s way of telling us something we have learned or chosen to ignore or discount?  Is our own Essence aware of the presence of another, regardless of whether that presence is corporeal or not, and does our Essence/ can our Essence translate this awareness on a level we are able to comprehend?

There are many ways our physical bodies interpret the signs of a Spirit’s presence.  Light anomalies.  Sounds in an empty room.  Shifting shadows in the darkness.  Doors slamming.  Lights going on and off mysteriously.  Whispers emanating from of the silence.  The ways in which Those We Do Not Speak Of choose to Communicate are as varied as the names by which we call them and, if truth be told, we have all, at one time or another, experienced something we could not easily explain or dismiss.

If, then, the ways in which the Essence now abiding on the other side chooses to alert us to their presence are recognizable by so many, perhaps the question to be asked is Why do they reach out to us?  Though the intent and purpose of those dwelling in shadows may be equally dark and steeped with the desire to instill fear or do harm; Why should those who love us choose to send shivers or impart dread by reaching through the void?  Equally curious is why any Spirit now dwelling in a place of Perfection should choose to return to this imperfect realm?  Do they simply long to see once more those places they once inhabited and loved, where special memories were created and, perhaps, where loved ones still abide?  Do they really have a need to tell us anything, or is it a simple reassurance that they are still close to us, if only in spirit; a reminder of the perpetuity of Love?

What if that returning consciousness is not a kindred spirit, one of family or of friendship?  Does it reach out to us simply because it longs to be remembered or validated?  When our limited perceptions perceive something seemingly imperceptible, does our own Essence respond in some manner, whether or not we may be aware of it; offering communication and communion on a sub-conscious level, which may be enough for the Perfected Energy interacting with it?  Does this communication allow it to leave this plane, confident that it will not be forgotten or are there darker purposes to the interaction?

If the spirit that crosses over does not have any religious or spiritual context on which to draw, how might it perceive in the spirit what it found to be inscrutable in the flesh?  Does that Essence really need to impart a message to us, or is it simply in need of understanding its own continuation?  Do Spirits really get “trapped” on this side of that proverbial tunnel of light, or are dark entities, intent upon doing harm and causing chaos, in residence in certain places here on this plane; lurking in shadows, waiting….


This is question we shall consider next time….






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  1. It is all such a mystery. My friend’s sister receives messages from the departed without ever trying. She just knows that she is to deliver the message to the person it is intended for. Communication among the living is so difficult because every head is a world, filtering ideas and feelings through past experiences, prejudices,and learned behavior. We write scripts in our heads and expect others to be able to read them without words. When I was trying to learn a foreign language and apologized to my friend who spoke no English that I didn’t have the vocabulary in her language to communicate the many things I wanted to share with her, she had a wonderful answer:”Patricia, it is not important because you and I speak with our eyes, our hearts, our souls, and our humor.” I think that some spirits do the same. We feel their presence and sense their message.


    1. That is a Beautiful message, Patricia and I agree with your friend. Communicating without words is always more expressive and, perhaps, this is how those Spirits who move Beyond find it easiest to ‘speak’ with us 🙂 Thank you for Sharing your thoughts and experiences here and adding to the conversation 😉


  2. I don’t believe the benign spirits that communicate with us are trapped; evil ones yes, but again a whole other topic, right? I believe spirits want to impart an important message that didn’t get across in life. I have a female spirit that has managed to scare me a couple of time with her essence but mostly just “hangs around” when she is in the room once sitting on the bed and once hovering over me very close horizontally. I have one male spirit that I believe to be my father who just stands and watches over me. I sense his message is one of love not shown readily in life. It’s amazing stuff.


    1. I believe you are correct DiAnne, that spirits either share love and peace or the opposite..which I actually cover next lol. But its so wonderful that you have two Guardian Spirits watching over you. Then I begin to wonder, who is She, what brought her and what causes her to linger. We may never know, just so interesting. Thank you for sharing your Insights and experiences with us 🙂

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  3. This is interesting. I agree it’s good to be cautious, I’m glad you advise that. I do think people have an built in sensitivity or sixth sense, whatever you may want to call it, about the spirit world even if they don’t actually see anything.

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    1. I think most people do as well, although many choose to ignore it or are not in tune enough to even consciously realize it.

      I do always advise caution when dealing with Those We Do Not Speak Of, as it is usually impossible to discern their true intent. Thank You so much for joining the discussion Michelle


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