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This Balance –between your love,

And my love

Rocks of ages, still, serene, telling me

We are light—we are feathers

Suspended in our will, as one,

Against intrusion—

Just in perfect balance

You and Me!


Beneath the open reverence of the sky,

Singing Illusion to our Harmony,

I Embrace you

In Quietness,

In Tranquility;

Delicate transition of all my perplexity,

Listening to the Balance

You Imbue in me.


I hear you in the waves against the rocks

and in the wails of the gulls–

I feel your touch

in the silence of the rocks—quiet and sentinel
for millennia.

I hear you now, and I have heard you before

and I will hear you always, in these waves,

calling me, telling me–
I am yours.


This poem was written in collaboration with Zakiah Ali, a grandmother, a mother, a lover, and a retired physician, who lives in a small Illinois town, right on the River Mississippi. She was born in India, and moved to this beautiful country in the mid sixties with her husband to whom she has been married for 49 years!  Zakiah contacted me via my Write With Me page to suggest a collaboration and I was delighted to join her in writing this brief, yet lovely tribute to the ocean, nature and the calming effect it has on our spirits.  (Her parts of the poem are in italics)

Zakiah has a self published a book of poetry and flash fiction entitled Stray Thoughts/Winged Words, under her maiden name Zakiah Sayeed.
She has four amazing grandchildren, loves to read Urdu poetry and listen to Ghazals of great Urdu and Farsi poets; enjoys photography, painting, cooking Indian dishes and has even taken up playing Sitar again, after a hiatus of almost four decades. (I’d love to hear that, personally! Beautiful Instrument)   I hope you enjoy this verse and may stop by Zakiah’s blog to experience her lovely poetry for yourself!





Beautiful Photograph found at Alphacoders.com.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer. Thank You~