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Spun Amber and Gold


Chartreuse shades, Spun in Amber and Gold,
Settle o’’er the Hushed glen, the Tranquil ‘wold,
Speaking in tones of Russet and Red,
Echoing secrets Adonis once Said.

Sparkles of Frost Kiss the September Air,
Flourishing Silver without a Farthing to Spare,
Daylight Dancing askance the fields,
Lingering Warmth that Caresses, then Shields.

October is Waiting with rosy cheeked Fare,
Scarecrows and lanterns, ready to scare;
November is Focusing its Glassy Gaze,
Conspiring with Winter under a Leaden Haze.

Yet, now, ‘neath the Smile of Autumnal Delight,
Think not of Regrets; Feel not Contrite;
Leave such Diligence for Lengthier Days!
‘Tis time to sip cider while the Fiddler Plays.


In Reverence and Joy for the Season of Plenty.


Beautiful Original Artwork by: Charles White found at: world-wide-art.com.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You~