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It stood silently, waiting.

Upon the hushed plane, beneath the roiling sky, it stood.  Crafted in the shadows of yesterday, the beacon once blazed in triumph and jubilee; heralded bleak infamy, and shouted warnings into the dark of night.

Now, in leaden stillness, it looked upon the open wold and silently waited; wondering where its benefactors had gone. The village that had echoed with laughter, tears, and wisdom chanting through the years, now stood in the hush, silent and lonely.

Flame no longer kissed its crown; it stood waiting, silent, in the hush.

Lonely.  Forgotten, heralding none but the thrush.



Flash Fiction Prompted by Sue Vincent’s weekely #Writephoto prompt, this week entitled Beacon 





Beautiful photography by Sue Vincent

25 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Beacon – #FlashFiction

      1. Sue, would you mind if I took a cue from your writephoto prompt and created a Friday Fantasy Prompt version on my blog? I may utilize similar structure to invite others to write and share via my blog…but I did not in any way want you to feel ‘ripped off’ or plagiarized, so before I proceed, I wanted to ask.?
        Thank you 🙂


  1. Well written. I like where you took the photo prompt. I generally tend towards the bright possibilities, it’s easy to forget that things have a history. Sometimes a tragic history that leads into a lonely present and future.

    Well done.

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    1. Thanks Sargon. I am really enjoying this Flash Fiction ‘thing’ …love being ‘forced’ to be concise, yet spin a story. Im glad this one spoke to you (too)..it looked so lonely standing there …

      Liked by 1 person

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