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Come to me


As the soft shadows fall

And the willows Breathe amid the Song of the nightingale,

Come to me, my Love,

Lay down with me

Among the auburn Trance of Tenderest firelight;

Slowly close Your eyes,

That ever Entrance me with the Intensity of their Beauty,

Allow my words spill over You,

Soft Whispers of my Love

To Entice and Tease

To Caress and Please;

Allow the emotion Waiting deep within my breast

To Lavish You

Touching and Beguiling

As I watch Your lips, Smiling,

Hinting at the Fervor

Building Within

As the river of night expands

And the singers of velveteen hours

Serenade these moonlit waves of Indigo Bliss;

Come to me, my Love,

Rest within the Embrace of my Softest Sighs

As a Lingering Delirium

Of honeyed words and claret phrases

Intoxicate Your Passion,

And Share all the Secrets

Of my Love for You.






Beautiful Photograph found on Google Image.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original photographer.  Thank You~