#RomanticTuesday – Cadence – A #PoetryCollaboration



.  This Beautiful poem of longing love and sultry desire was written in collaboration with Holly from the poetry blog HeartaFire.  After spotlighting her through a Poets Interview (which you can read here ) I was delighted when she agreed to Write With Me  and this was the effortless result.  (Holly’s verses are designated with italics) Writing with Holly was a creative delight I would gladly repeat anytime. Thank You Holly!   Please be Sure to visit Heart at her beautiful poetry blog which you can find here:  https://aheartafire.wordpress.com/


Yesterday your voice called to me,

a hummingbird perched at my ear,

my arms  twining vine 

enveloping your limbs.

The cadence of your breathing

brought me here,

wrapped itself around me,

your touch is a longing,

an ache in my bones.


Tomorrow my Heart still Yearns for you

Trembles Expressed through Sighs

As  Memory Dances upon transient Dreams

Of Your Piercing Gaze

And Sweet Blissful Days

Enwrapped in the Cadence of your Breath

A Symphony of Honey-dulcet Song

Where time unfolded

Where nothing was wrong.


Meet me in a secret garden,

I wait among gossamer frilled wings.

You will find me in the moonlight

or the tendrils of wisteria,

in stones rubbed worn  on  the

path  beneath your feet,

I wait in endless hours where

time is a catch in my throat.


Under the Light of a myriad stars

I wait for you, my Love,

My Breath a Cadence of your Sighs,

Longing for your Yearning,

And the Passion it Implies;

Here, then, Love

Beyond Morning, Beneath Night,

Breathe with me in Loves Rhyme

In a Cadence of Delight!


Written by ~Morgan~ in collaboration with Holly from Heartafire


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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