She is the Night – #Fantasy #Preview

She is the Night


A description of Ilys from Dark Fey:  Standing in Shadows, a Fey of the Light who was abducted as a childfey and, as a result, lives with haunting memories every day.  A portrayal of PTSD.


She stands in the spectral silence, waiting; captive to the darkness spinning round her boldly and brazenly whispering in mutations of growls and hisses about all she does not have. The convoluted cavalcade of cacophonous calamity tears at her sanity like vultures devouring the freshly killed; lying, hating, vicious suspirations of half-truths more easily believed than dismissed.

The Light pours round her, ineffectual against the ebon cowl with which she covers her head, reflecting from all the decoys she uses to defend herself against the darkness that circles round her in a slow tyrannical aggress, pressing in on her even as she seeks to elude it; even while she embraces it with all her might.

Lifting her eyes, she gazes upward at the glittering glow above her head, watching as the sparkling illumination dances and sings all round her; warmth seeking to warm, but finding only bitter cold.  Happiness smiles at her, winking in cheery promise; yet she, subsisting on the crusts of day old bread tossed at her from uncaring hands, cannot see beyond her misery. She is the night; she is shadows and disbelieved truths; she is hope slipping down the precarious pitch of despair; she is sorrow and anger and rejection personified into beauty that fears to wish.


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Beautiful Original Artwork by:  eclipsy at


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