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Today I’d like to introduce fellow Author Matthew Snee, creator of superheros and aliens from near and far who, through the magic of Character Interactions, he has brought together for the first time.   Doc Masterson, a manic-depressive superhero from planet Earth, sits down to talk with the alien named Plerrxx, a Mmrowwr Cat-man from the outer edge of the Solar System.  How much  more interesting can you get??  I hope you will enjoy reading about Matthew’s characters as much as I did!

Doc Masterson: “An alien, huh? Cool. What universe are you from?”

Plerrxx the Cat-man (speaking telepathically): “There is only one universe, sir, and I am certainly of it.”

Doc Masterson: “Great, a telepath. Why did they get a telepath to interview me? Where’s my agent? I hate telepaths.”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “You hubris is amazing, human. First of all, I was informed you were to interview me, and secondly your feeble mind could never comprehend my spoken language, even if your ears could tolerate it.”

Doc Masterson: “Let me guess, your speech sounds like love-making cats in agony. No, I specifically agreed to be interviewed here, and I’m obviously more famous than you in this universe, so it’s doubtful I’m here to pick your intrusive brain. How many times have you saved the world from Jihadist supermen and world-destroying molds?”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “Fine. I’ll interview you. Here’s my first question: Who the hell are you and how did you develop such an intolerable personality.”

Doc Masterson: “My name is John Masterson, and I protect people, for the most part. I am an orphan, a manic-depressive, somewhat damaged emotionally, and relied upon a little too heavily by the governments of the Earth. And I assure you, my personality was forged by my heroic defiance of hyperbolic super villains. Who are you?”

Plerrxx the Cat-man:”I am Plerrxx, of the Mmrowwr race. I am an adventurer, archaeologist, scientist, magician… and sometimes thief. I am from the planet Mmrowwr, on the outer edges of the Solar System, where no human has ever tread or ever will. We live in a semi-perfect meritocracy of hyper-capitalism.”

Doc Masterson: “Semi-perfect hyper-capitalism, huh? Sounds like hell. I’m a bit of a new age socialist myself. But I’m not really a political person. I leave governance to people who aren’t driven insane by it.”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “Ah, a spiritual soul, like most men. I myself prefer logic and common sense over trite affirmations. I’ve been to many planets, and despite their protestations, I’ve found them all godless. If there is such thing as divinity, it certainly isn’t wasted on the likes of us.”

Doc Masterson: “Speak for yourself, kitty cat. I’ve experienced the impossible more times than I can count, and I know there’s something more to the universe than we know.”

Plerxx the Cat-man: “I’ll not disagree with that thought, I’m just saying that what we don’t understand isn’t necessarily divine.”

Doc Masterson: “Fair enough. Okay now — uh, someone just whispered in my ear that I’m supposed to ask you about your personal life and what clothing labels you prefer.”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “That’s funny because I was just informed of the same thing.”

Doc Masterson: “So what is it, my alien friend? You prefer male or female cat-people?”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “Hmmph. I assure you I prefer females. But you should know, on my planet, amorous relationships are forbidden.”

Doc Masterson: “How’s that? How do you propagate the species then?”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “Sadly, I must admit we are all the result of cloning technology. Sexual unions between Mmrowwr are forbidden.”

Doc Masterson: “Jeez. What’s the point of a meritocracy if you can’t get laid?”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “I’m afraid our civilization does have it’s flaws. But what about you? Surely as a famous superhero, your sexual adventures are magnificent.”

Doc Masterson: “Not really. I’m kind of still in love with my dead girlfriend, a super villain who tried to save Earth by destroying it. Otherwise I tend to only meet and date female journalists, who are trouble.”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “So, who’s clothing brand do you wear?”

Doc Masterson: “Ah, that’s a stupid question. Move on.”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “Personally I find fashion fascinating. But I only wear clothing manufactured on Uranus.”

Doc Masterson: “Look, I think I’m done here, and I only did this to plug the book I’m in, anyway. Ladies and gentlemen, please read “Doc Masterson and the Prisoner of time”. It can be found here for free:”

Plerrxx the Cat-man: “Good lord, your book isn’t even published yet. Can you say amateur hour? My book, “The Cardboard Spaceship,” can be found on Amazon, here:”




Matthew Snee was born in Nebraska, raised in Delaware, and now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his three dogs.  Formerly of the Brooklyn-based art-pop band Mixel Pixel, he now lives out his days trying to break the universe with literary pulp fiction.

Gregg Chirlin grew up in Delaware, studied in San Francisco, and currently resides in central France with his wife and two children. In addition to odd jobs ranging from pizza delivery boy to dental insurance clerk and concert candy-hawker, he briefly labored as a web developer in Silicon Valley just before the bubble burst, and has been mainly teaching English as a foreign language since. He enjoys cooking, wine, and the French countryside.


Character Interactions and Interviews are a fun way to create Unique material for your books’ SEO.  Interested in finding out more, just pop a comment to me and we can explore the possibilities 🙂