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“To say this story is enchanting, would be to make the understatement of the year.”

Fellow Indie Author, Adri Sinclair, posted a review of Dark Fey, The Reviled. To say that I was surprised by her Unexpected review would be the understatement. To say that her review left me in tears of amazement, pure Delight and Inexpressible Blessing would be closer to the Truth. I hope you will take a minute or two and enjoy what she had to say 🙂

5* Review for Cynthia Morgan’s Dark Fey! Brutally Beautiful!

Cynthia Morgan tells a tale with such descriptive vigour, you become a nail biter out of sheer anticipation! The story is a sweet mixture, an expected outcome with a few unexpected twists. It is creative, exciting, and yes… A few times my heart was racing so fast, I had to force myself not to turn the page just too fast to get instant gratification!

The story is beautiful, filled with love and empathy – a lot of emotion and a lot of beauty. The message is clear for me, and I truly connected right down to a personal, spiritual level with this: In darkness, there is light.
This is not for the faint-hearted, and some of the scenes are brutal, but much as Ayla, Cynthia’s mix eventually soothes and brings a smile to your face. There just aren’t’ enough accolades to attribute to this…

I am glad I put out a call for reading suggestions, and I am even happier that this book was named to me. Romance, Friendship and Beauty all wrapped up in the bittersweet rival between good and evil.

Thank you Cynthia, for a fantastic read, and I do hope there are a few adventures in the making to follow on from this!

*** I noted, after writing this, that I used the word beautiful many times – but I am not going to change that. I honestly thought it was a beautiful, imaginative, creative, poetic story! I highly recommend it to anyone who has a love for Fairies. xxx

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected

    1. I was over the moon when I read it and have been using the tag Brutally Beautiful ever since….as it pretty much says it all 🙂 Thank you again ever so much …I do hope you will enjoy it.

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