Friday Fantasy – Clockwork Rhymes – 50 Word Stories



Whispers of secrets laugh boldly, yet are jealously guarded; staring like harbingers from her mechanized gaze. 

Grace fallen upon unforgiving innocence betrays a wealth of calamity sitting in melancholic glee upon her shoulders.

Childhood sings from the devious shadows; hope smiling as she silently watches clockwork unraveling Gothic nursery rhymes.


I confess, I took a cue from Richard Ankers in writing this 50 Word Story.  I’ve enjoyed his for some time now and never thought I could condense my verbosity into so few words, but it was a fun challenge and you will probably see more.  Thank You Richard!

(Find/Read Richard here: )





Amazing Image found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Artist/Photographer.  Thank You.


  1. Well done. I had to count the words – hehe. It must have been painful with such a lovely photo prompt to be limited iby a word count. 😀
    I’m sure this photo resonated with you, as I can see a lot of you in it, most notably her/your fabulous imagination,


    1. Its an amazing image to work from, but the expression on her face is what really spoke to me. Im very glad you liked it (and yes, 50 words on the dot…LOL I had to keep checking too!) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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