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I am Happy to Introduce you to a fellow Writer and Blogger who I recently met via Twitter, but who also has a WordPress Blog: D.B Graves. He is a resident of New Mexico, although he grew up in that Toddlin’ town, Chicago. After 20 yrs as a government worker in Chicago area, DB decided to flex his literary wings, so to speak, and broke into writing through fiction and children’s books, as well as the fairly new WordPress blog Author of his first book: “An Unexpected Sojourn”, which he discusses below, he is already penning a 2nd and, like so many of us, is learning all about the wonderful and, sometimes, daunting world of Indie Authors. So, I invited him to stop by and share a bit about himself with all of us. I hope you enjoy and, even more, that you pop by and say Hello to him to see what he’s up to 😉

Ready? Ok Great…here we go!

Tell us about your Blog.

I started my blog when I was working on the 2nd draft of my novel “An Unexpected Sojourn”. It basically allows me to relay updates on my writing, but also allows me to step back from the work and just be sociable. I am new to the blogging world but I enjoy it. Lately I have been blogging less than I’d like due to other priorities, some of which involve marketing my book.

What Inspires and stirs your creativity?

I would have to say that the beautiful place I now call home has a lot to do with it. These surroundings are unlike anything I was exposed to back in Chicago for the first 55 years of my life. Not a day goes by without some wildlife strolling around the homestead. I love it! The night sky up in the mountains is spectacular too.

What Message, if any, do you hope to Share through your blog/posts?

I guess the main thing that I’d like to share is that I am a good-natured person who just happens to write for a living. I would guess that readers would want to know a little more about the authors of the books that they choose to read, and what makes them tick. Hopefully they will gain insight to who I am as a person and relate to me on some level.

What are your Dreams for the Future in regards to your Blog and your work?

I would love for my blog to become more than just a monologue, and to create some give and take through the comments section. I also intend to showcase more of my humor in upcoming blogs and I hope the readers enjoy that as well.

DB Graves

Tell us About Your Book(s):

My 1st novel is a sci-fi, fantasy, thriller work of fiction entitled “An Unexpected Sojourn” and it revolves around a secret society that is discovered by a man one day during a solo round of golf via a portal into a strange new world. This new world brings him danger, excitement and intrigue. The book is not for the squeamish as there is some pretty graphic sex and violence. Definitely not for the kiddies.
I am currently working on my 2nd book, which as of now remains untitled and is a children’s book. It is based on true events that were related to me regarding a wild horse that lives in the mountains of New Mexico. There are some good lessons that younger children can take from this story, and I hope to have it submitted to some publishers by the end of October.

What genre do you prefer to write or are you truly eclectic?

I can adapt to the story and enjoy the process regardless of genre. The act of writing, especially the 1st draft, is what I love to do. I can’t think of a better career than writing.

Do you painstakingly plot out your story; are you a discovery writer or a bit of both? Why?

I am pretty thorough as I write, I need to be even more dedicated if I want to get my books where I want them to be. I am learning that I can’t do it all alone, and I plan on utilizing specialists to help me make the best product that I can. I use outlines, notes, chapter summaries prior to writing the chapters on note cards, and more drafts than I care to admit.

Share an insight or secret about your book(s).

In my first novel, now on sale at Kindle and Barnes & Noble, there are many actual settings. The book is not entirely fiction in regards to locales. Many of those places discussed in the book have actual landmarks that are attributed to the story. The reader can decide what is and is not fiction. I’ll never tell 😉

Who is your favourite/least favourite character & why?

I would have to say that Jared Cantu is my favorite character in “An Unexpected Sojourn” as he has some Morgan Freeman-like qualities. My least favorite character in that book would be Carolyn Swift. She is a true meanie, and can be quite cruel with a pistol in her hand. Just sayin’

What do you feel is your best advice to share with other aspiring authors?
Enjoy your first draft!

Now, Share a Little About YOU:

I am a 56 year old man who became a New Mexico resident about one year ago. It is so beautiful here in the southern mountains that I fully believe it is the best kept secret in America. I have traveled to all parts of this country and there is no place where I’d rather live. It is easy to see why writers and artists make their homes here. I had a career in government for 20 years and this change to a more self-managed career is a godsend. Becoming D.B. Graves has been a real pleasure.

Describe yourself in Five Words.

Loyal, dedicated, light-hearted, determined, hopeful. Technically ‘light-hearted’ is two words but I used a hyphen dammit! 🙂

If you could meet one person from the past, who might it be and why?

My father. He died when I was nine years old and we were best buddies.

When you are not writing/taking pictures, what is your favourite pastime?

I love to travel and explore. Taking a trip on the train is one of my favorite things to do. I also like to travel locally and visit Sierra Blanca. Playing golf isn’t so bad either.

Describe Your Perfect Day . What makes it Perfect and Why?

A day that involves lots of good coffee and good company. I’m easy to please! 

What makes Life Worth Living?

Can I answer this question for everybody or just myself? Let’s see, I think it all comes down to happiness with who you have become. If you are satisfied with who you see in the mirror everyday, than I believe you have lived a good life and deserve the best that life can provide. It has also helped me to have a great woman fix all that I have screwed up.

Thank you Cynthia for allowing me to be a part of your blog. It’s been fun for me and I hope your readers gained a little insight into what type of person I am.

And Thank YOU DB for sharing about yourself and your writing 🙂 In The Lime Light is my way of Sharing The Love and, hopefully, opening a few windows for other bloggers and writers, where we can support and encourage each other. Together, we make the world of Indie Authorship a better place!

You can find “An Unexpected Sojourn” here:
Barnes & Noble:



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