Friday Fantasy – Beyond the Borders of Imagination

Beyond the Borders

Beyond the Borders of Imagination

Where Calamity melds with conflagration,

Bewildering Paradox, millennia old,

Tempt and Beguile like Shimmering gold,

While Secrets Whispered ‘fore the Birth of Time,

Sing Enchantments in Spellbinding Rhyme.

There in the Haven of Enshrouding Balm,

Where Tempests Ease into Alluring Calm,

Shadows and Magic Sparkle in Ethereal Spells,

And Mystery Tempts, while Uncertainty Quells,

While All Round, Where Imagination May Reach,

Inspiration Waits, Her Faire Lessons to Teach.


Beautiful Original Artwork by Ucchiey


    1. sorry for the late reply. I’ve started more or less taking weekends off from social networks. its the only time I can really sit down and write & Dark Fey has been waiting…..and waiting…..and waiting…. 🙂 Thanks Ever So much my Friend 🙂 Fridays are my favs!

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  1. I love the line “beyond the borders of imagination” – another level of thought. Gorgeous. This is Sunday and I am just getting to Friday posts. Better late than never! Hugs dear friend.

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    1. I entirely understand. I tend to skip on weekends altogether anymore, so my late reply wont be too frowned upon, Im sure 🙂 so glad you enjoyed my Friday Fantasy meander 😉

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