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Blessings and Giggles

Blessings and Giggles?

Yes, why not? After all, God invented Laughter, so why not share our giggles and smiles with the world? It could be easy, I suppose, to sit long faced, moping, sullen, brooding, cantankerous, but what purpose does it serve? One only ends up vexing everyone , including oneself!

As Children we smile and giggle throughout the day. We laugh, we play, we make up rhymes ( and some of us never stop doing that!), we create words, (or that!) we reach out to others with open hearts and smiling spirits. So what happens to change that and when? Metaphysics may not be my PhD, it may not be my cup of tea (yep, there I go rhyming again), but where do the giggles go? What brings reality crashing down upon us to make laughter stale and smiles sour?

I cannot tell you, but for every frown, there IS a smile, somewhere, waiting to be shared. For every growl of anger or bitterness, there IS an infectious giggle just waiting to burst forth, and for every scoff of derision and unkind muttering there IS a light-hearted tune playing quietly in the background…somewhere. It may be half way around the world, and it may be just next door, it’s hard to say, really, where you may find it or when it may suddenly, smilingly, appear, but it IS there.

Now, what if you were the melodious tune being whistled? What if you were the genuine smile offered in the face of a scowl? What if you supplied the unexpectedly mirthful giggle? Whose life might you lighten and brighten? Whose day might be inexorably altered? If that person thought Happiness was miles away and, instead, it was just in the next office cubicle, or beside them on the tube, or in the next car while mired in rush hour traffic, then Heaven would be, briefly, within reach, wouldn’t it?

And YOU would be the Angel winging Love and Hope, Peace and Joy and GIGGLES, to the world.

So yes, Blessings and Giggles, my dear Friends.

~Blessings and Giggles~

Beautiful Photograph found on Google Image Search. Credit given to the original photographer for this Wonderful Capture!