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First Shipment

I would very much like to say THANK YOU EVER SO to everyone who helped me make this moment possible. So many of you Encouraged, Inspired, and Supported me as a new blogger and when I was posting “Dark Fey The Reviled” onto the blog in weekly posts. So many of you Shared insights, Freely gave tips and suggestions, and prompted me into action when I stood uncertain and you may not realize the Impact those actions have had on my life, but this moment, this Over-the-Top, I’m-on-Cloud-TEN, Indescribable moment is due in part to YOU.

Thank You may sound pat. Thank You Ever So, though it has become rather my thing to say, may not sound much more heartfelt (after having said it, literally, hundreds of times), but at this moment, although words are my best friends, I am rather at a loss and these few words are all I can think to say.

First Set

Having ordered 25 copies to share and sign for those who are interested (and having wondered HOW I would ever sell all 25!) I sit here (at my laptop) in amazement and inexpressible joy. I’ve only just opened the box, taken the books out, placed them neatly so I can snap a few pictures, posted an announcement or two and BEHOLD! Blessing of All Blessings!! Joy of Greatest Joy! Utter Astonishment!!! My Initial Shipment of Dark Fey The Reviled is already SOLD OUT!

SO! If you are interested in a signed copy, please do let me know and I will order more πŸ™‚ Or, if my scribbling matters not to you, please help yourself to a copy here:
“Dark Fey, The Reviled” is Currently Available in the following locations:

As a Book at: CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/5155636
As an eBook at: Kindle : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RZMVNQQ

Now, if you will excuse me, Im going to go stare at my books in amazement and, very possibly, have a good cry of Sheer Joy!

Mom, I know you are smiling!! πŸ™‚