13 thoughts on “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

  1. These photos truly depict the essence of what the summer solstice is all about. May God reward you for showing these photos to the world.


    1. Thank You Ever So 🙂 Im actually not the biggest fan of summer…or should I say, the HEAT of summer, but without the heat there would be very few blossoms or fruit born. I think it teaches us a lot about life in a very fundamental manner.


    1. I dont enjoy the heat either. I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and green it inspires, but not…I would much rather have Autumn


      1. That is true! 😀 I wanted you to know that I shut my comments down for awhile. I had an odd person that kept commenting the meanest things. I could not even stand seeing them. Some folks can get out of control if you let them. 😀


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