Emeraldine Harmony – Sonnet 30

Emeraldine Harmony

Emeraldine Fire in the shadows, pale and cold,
Glistening Enchantment beneath the Canopy of Old,
Disperse thy Mortal Visage within the Verdant foliage,
Enigmatic Harmony of Wisdom sharp and Sage.
Deep in the caverns of Viridian Mystery,
Unfettered from the Bindings of treacherous Reality,
Sings the Jaden Master of Melodious Intent,
Swathed in Leafy hues and Golden Sunlight, poorly spent.
Vast beyond the traces of terrestrial Imagining,
Magnificent in Vision when Upon thy Outstretched Wing,
Burn Immortal Unity into supple Heart and Mind,
That we, derivative Souls, might Live in Harmonious kind.
Yet, Fire Ever Burning in the Emeraldine Abyss,
Potent let thy Provocation be, lest we Wander long Amiss.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: SpaceWeaver

17 thoughts on “Emeraldine Harmony – Sonnet 30

    1. šŸ™‚ It started out a poem about a dragon in the woods…it turned out to be quite something more LOL. Very Happy you liked it. Thanks So Very Much.

      Hoping you have a Happy start to your summer~


  1. First, this was really really beautiful šŸ™‚ So well written! And second, have you memorized a dictionary?? 7 words – No idea what they meant!!


      1. I have been. Extremely busy, then on vacation out of the country. Good to be back and connected with WordPress Family! šŸ™‚ Blessings!


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