If not for the photographer’s Lens,
Would we Truly See?

If not for the Poet’s Words,
Would we Truly Appreciate?

If not for the Courage of the Soldier,
Would we Truly Understand?

For their Sacrifice, and for all they do without Thanks, without Notice, Their Courage Speaks.


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  1. It´s a great ode to the soldiers, but believe me no photographer´s lense or poet´s word´s will make you REALLY and completely understand or feel the emotions, the real smell, the real sight of dead bodies, smell of cordite, smell of rotten injuries, feel the adrenaline, why soldiers sometiems even laugh add dead bodies or laugh during a firefight…sometimes(you can call that cruel but it is a stress reliever),people will never REALLY understand what it is if they have not been there.

    Yet again it was a very good ode to the soldiers and veterans.


    1. You are ENTIRELY correct Charly….I agree with you wholeheartedly. We live in a world where the sacrifice is so often pushed aside and ignored, except for a day or two out of the year where we take our brass and starch out and put it on parade. Every time I see a serviceman, I usually want to stop and bow to them (Asian style) in Honour, but usually figure they’d look at me like Im nuts !


      1. haha, yep, they probably will look at you as if you where nuts if you did that. They are normal people, just invite the guys or gals to a beer or a smoke. The´ll appreciate it, believe me.


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