The Serenity of Night – NaPoWriMo

The Serenity of Night

Gentle Whisper
In the Serenity of Night,
While the Stillness Softly
Makes Everything Right.
Quiet the Racing of these
Uncertain Musings,
Dancing like fireflies,
All Confusing.
Whisper through the Hush
In the Twilight Breeze,
A Lyrical Symphony
Of Softly Swaying Trees,
Under the Tenderly
Turning Skies,
Speak to my Spirit,
Eternally Wise.
Teach This Heart
To be Patient and Kind,
Help me to See
As I Walk along Blind.
Open my Ears
To the Song of the Night,
Emblazon this Life
And Make it a Light
To Shine in the Calm
Sweet Serenity of Night,
Whisper, Beloved
And Make Everything Right.


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    1. I took a cue from you 🙂 Thanks so much Amsgirl…and its good to see you ! Can you believe it…we could have snow tonight!$#@$#@#@!$%#$# lol


    1. 🙂 Thanks Michelle. I think its rather are the third person to use Dreamy to describe this. thats AWESOME 🙂

      Thank You Ever So~ Happiness to You 🙂


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