Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love

Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love

Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love,
Sing as the Lark’s Song Rising Above,
Sing in the Night when the Shadows Roar,
Sing in the Daytide’s Streaming colour,
Sing when Hate and Vice Hammer Down,
Sing when No one Else is Around,
Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love,
Sing in Gentle Grace like the Mourning Dove,
Sing in Passion with Fire’s Ablaze,
Sing Endlessly, O Sing for Days!
Sing in Joy when the Heart is Sad,
Sing in Laughter when You cannot be Glad,
Sing Sing for the Sweet Sweet Beauty of Love,
Sing when there is Nothing at all to Sing Of!

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Nadia Strelkina


  1. That picture is definitely the image of the poetry. At the moment my family is in the midst of my BIL literally facing the fight of his life with the devil guised as cancer. My sister is gaining strength by finding one good thing in everyday despite the overwhelming bleakness and encouraging us to do so too. I shall share your poem with her for I feel it capitulates her thoughts. Thank you


    1. OH what a blessing…I do hope it may bring her some measure of hope. Love Triumphs over all, regardless of the outcome. I shall hold your family in my prayers and thoughts…Blessings of Strength, of Patience, of Peace that passes Understanding, Touch and Renew each of you. Thank You!!!


    1. If you so desire to reblog, you are Always free to do so with my greatest appreciate and humble thanks 🙂 I am so very blessed to hear that this touches your heart with a song 🙂 that is simply marvelous!


  2. Thank You Thank You George 🙂

    funny, I used to work with a George…he was a trip…we nicknamed him Geo the Duke Jet LOL and I just thought of that with your name 🙂 Thanks for the Smile!


  3. Reblogged this on Friendly Fairy Tales and commented:
    I was thinking of song today, and of how things that are beautiful or new are like a song of color and joy. Then I saw this beautiful poem by Morgan, who also wrote about song. If you haven’t visited Morgan, I hope you will, she kindles hearts. I hope you feel the song in your heart today. Warmly, Brenda

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  4. sing a joyful song or a sorrowed prayer… Love the post, Morgan…. and the visuals…butterflies are coming to me from everywhere today. 🙂

    “Sing with me, sing for the year
    Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear
    Sing with me, It’s just for today –
    Maybe tomorrow the good Lord’ll take you away”
    Aerosmith – Dream On Lyrics | MetroLyrics


    1. When You go to Gettysburg, you may want to visit Sach’s Bridge. It is quite a “hot spot”. I wrote an article back in October about the paranormal and my own visit to Gettsyburg, in which I included some amazing photo’s I took there. If you find yourself interested it is here:

      Either way, do enjoy your visit. it is an amazingly beautiful and powerfully emotional place.


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