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Dragons and Loyalty: What could be better? Ok, other than chocolate or a nice steaming cup of (you know where I’m going right?) Gingerbread Mocha Chai Latte, but in Fantasy as well as Reality, Dragons and Loyalty conjure fantastic images and invoke musings of far away lands and distant times. Yes, those things appeal to me on many levels; yet Dragons also speak of Strength and Valor (at least in my imagination), of Calamity and Transition, and Intensity of Purpose (though what a Dragon’s true purpose is, none can say, can they?) Loyalty is Loyalty and needs neither preface nor soliloquy to sing its praises: we all desire and appreciate its merits.

Dreamlanddancing blog at: http://dreamlanddancing.wordpress.com has nominated me for the very fine Dragon Loyalty Award. In all honesty, this award has come rather as a surprise from Dreamland, and I do confess to being somewhat unfamiliar with his blog or his works, yet I hold it as an even higher honour that he should think of me and gift to me such an award. It is a potent reminder that we here in blogdom, you and I, touch lives and inspire dreams, invoke thoughts and share the wealth of our spirits with Friends, with Kindred Spirits, and with Strangers we seldom contact. That is the Magic of blogging; that is the Blessing in Being The Blessing; that is the Mystery that Draws me back again and again and what continues to fuel the Flame of my Inspiration.

So Dreams..though I may not know you Well, I know you as Fellow Blogger, Kindred Writing Spirit, Dreamer, Philosopher and, hopefully in Time…Friend.

Now…without any further blather (you love when I blather, you know you do!) Here’s what I need to do:

-Display the Award Certificate
-Announce the Honour with a post and link to the Kind Spirit who presented the award.
-Present the award to 7 other Kindred bloggers.
-Let them know about the Honour through a comment on their Blog
-Post 7 interesting things about myself (hmm….or 7 more things you may not already know)

So, as usual, I shall begin with the blogs I nominate: Friends and Kindred Spirits who have been Loyal, Strong in Valor, and Fiercely Inspiring to me:

1. Michelle Marie at : http://michellemarieantellg.wordpress.com
2. Barb at : http://acuriousgal.com
3. Richard at : http://richardankers.com
4. MarDrag at : http://fromthedeskofmardrag.wordpress.com
5. George at : http://georgeforfun.wordpress.com
6. Wendell at : http://wherewordsdailycomealive.wordpress.com
7. Patty at : http://petitemagique.wordpress.com
8. Ihsan at : http://iithinks.wordpress.com
9. Brenda at : http://friendlyfairytales.com
10. Ms. Vee at : http://verajackson.wordpress.com
11. PurpleRays at : http://purplerays.wordpress.com
12. Belinda at : http://busymindthinking.com

There are many, many others. Truly I have been Blessed by a whole Host of Friends and Kindred Spirits! Your Loyalty is Unshakable…just as a Dragon’s Strength and Valor!

Now, to the far less interesting, yet patently Interesting Facts about me that have not previously been shared (I hope, though please do forgive any repetitions!)

1. I once put “The Promise” by When in Rome on repeat and listened to it for an entire day at work.
2. I cry at some point during every movie I’ve ever watched. Even “Star Trek Into Darkness”! (Can you guess where?)
3. I am not much of a wine drinker. It is either not sweet enough or, by the bottom of one glass everything is Luvvly-Jubbly!
4. I can and have listened to “Chevaliers de Sangreal” by Hans Zimmer for hours. It is one of the most Beautiful, Stirring, Inspiring pieces of music I have ever heard.
5. I love Period Piece Dramas, like Downton Abby, Lark Rise to Candleford, Bleak House, To the Ends of the Earth, and, of course, Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth!)
6. I do confess it, I love Chocolate AND Peanut Butter, Alone or Together, it matters little 
7. I Love.

Blessings to all of YOU, my dearest Friends.