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His Love

You Are who You Are,
Perfection created by Perfection,
Cast upon a Sea of Chaffing Calamity,
Rocking on the Ebon tides,
Yet He goes with you on this Journey,
And never, Ever, leaves your Side.

Though the darkness may Surround you,
Though you feel tossed and tumbled,
A turmoil of thoughts twisting within,
Uncertainty tearing at your Tranquility,
He Stands Beside you, a Blessing of Wealth
Ready to Take Your Pain unto Himself.

In the Charade of Burgeoning Life
Where Gain and Profit measure Value,
In the spotlight of All Attention
Where Silence and Stillness
Are Stolen from your Soul,
He Waits before you to Take your Hand,
Longing for you to Understand.

No Change of Who You Are is Needed,
No Alteration Will make you More,
He has Loved you from conception,
Since Time itself broke upon the Distant Shore.
He has loved you, He Loves You Still,
Giving Him your Love is His Only Will,
That You and He may Walk in Union,
Sharing Life in Sacred Communion,
Speaking in the Spectral Abyss
Of Your Joy at Accepting This,
That He Shall Love You Eternally,
And in His Love You Shall,
At Last,
Be Free.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: AmericanPsycho at Deviantart.com