Beyond the Borders – #Mythical #MicroFiction

Beyond the borders of imagination, where reality blends with myth, a realm of enchantment presides over the tempestuous seas of time. Anchored in the distant past; yet sailing the present tides, this timeless dynasty abides amid lush and verdant green. Entwining tapestries of amber and sage bedeck the primordial weald; yet within the opulent splendor, peril intractably awaits.

Awaits the luckless, the vengeful, the courageous and unsuspecting, its beguiling temptation borne upon the breeze and its silken captivation steeped in sweet poison. A seduction so bewitching, even the emeraldine hues of its lavish domicile draw close in an oblivious embrace.

And though curiosity beckons the intrepid, none escape the invitation drenched in gilded phrases.

MicroFiction and Art by ~Morgan~

~Thank You for reading ~

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