God’s Amazing Mystery – #Thoughts for #DailyMeditation


God works in Mysterious ways. I’ve heard that saying most of my life and you probably have too, but I never really appreciated just how mysteriously He works until recently. Oh, I’ve experienced the odd “coincidence” that, in retrospect makes you shake your head in amazement, but that was the extent of my familiarity with God’s Mystery; there was nothing bizarre, nothing flabbergasting.

Recently, however, I discovered just how spectacularly marvelous God’s Mystery really can be. Someone came into my life who so inspired me, so motivated me, that I decided to implement several changes at once; changes that have, in effect, altered my life, potentially forever! Yes, that in itself is rather amazing, but that is only the beginning.

First Change: Transformation, of Mind, of Body, of Spirit, put into practice through a Daily Health Regime created specifically to promote better health of the Body, more Positive and Influential nourishment for the Mind, and Purposeful Time spent each day focusing/centering my Spirit on He who loves me far more greatly than I can ever hope to understand.

Through these Intentional Transformations, I have opened my life to the Second Change: Inspiration; Motivation, which flows from He who is the Source of All inspiration and who Directs my path. This change has brought me here, to this blog, which I’ve often thought about doing but, for years, have never done. I’ve always been a writer; it’s my Gift, but I’ve never truly used this gift for a Purpose or allowed my writing to be used to Serve a Higher Intention; yet now Inspiration flows, unbounded, like a river released at the spring thaw; endlessly churning, constantly changing. My Creative Light has been switched on and everything I see, everything I do now makes me stop to think, “How could I share this?” or “Can this inspire or help anyone other than me?”

These alterations have brought me to the Third Change: drawing me closer to my Spirit and the One from whom that Spirit flows. Growing closer to your own Spirit is a beautiful thing; it opens your eyes, your ears and your heart to hear the Whispers of Life, which ever guide and help if only we listen. Through listening to these gentle whispers, I have been led to pray for The One who originally stirred me into action in the first place, The One who, knowingly or not, was used by God in His wondrous Mystery, through their specific gift, to touch my life in such a remarkable and indelible way that I, as a result, have made all these alterations and, through these changes, find myself led to pray for The One who God led to Inspire me.

God, using one to alter another who will then pray for blessed alteration for The One.


Yes me too, but it certainly is MYSTERIOUS; so much so that I cannot explain it any better, because, as yet, I am still trying to wrap my own mind around it.

May He who Ever Inspires, Transform your own life into the Beautiful Mystery only His Love and Imagination can Create.





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Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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