Whispers In Verse – #Shakespeare meets #Mystical #Mantra


Reviewed By Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers’ Favorite

Whispers In Verse by Cynthia A. Morgan is a collection of poetry that reads like a combination of poetic Shakespeare and a mysterious conjuration of a magician from the medieval era. The two blend into one unique writing style, which creates a sense of peace and serenity, as though a meditative mantra surrounds the person reading, except there are many words spoken instead of only a handful. One of my favorite poems is on page 101 and is called The Wondering Bystander. The last two lines, in particular, flood me with life, time, and memories tangled together: “Merging Past and Present to Kiss the forehead of The Wondering Bystander.”

Cynthia A. Morgan’s Whispers In Verse was like no other poetry book I have read. It pulls you into the story and out of the present entirely, drawing you into a place you haven’t seen or been before, another world of time where things slow down, and the rushing here and rushing there of life pauses. Whispers In Verse finds a way to tap into our circadian rhythm and creates a place we can be without reaching out to text, email, or field a call. Also accompanying the poems are tranquil and beautiful images of nature that help keep readers in peaceful respite from the rest of the busy world. The vibrant colors of nature and the sun bring a measure of warmth to readers as they flip the pages.



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