My Muse – #Love #Poetry

My Muse

Persuasion by a simple smile,
You are all temptation and guile,
Entwining me in Your most intricate ruse,
Day and Night, You are My Muse.

Without a word You lead my heart,
Your Laughter makes the reverie start,
Then words pour forth, never ending,
Like Angels over my imagination bending.

You fill me with dreams; Yes, then desire,
Insatiable Longing, Equitable fire,
As words flood oโ€™re, like a river cresting,
Rushing together, never resting.

Eyes of splendor, Adonis incarnate,
For You I will more willingly wait,
Then breathe my next, or wake with the day,
How can I ever, truly say,

How much You mean, How right You are,
Burning like an ethereal star.
Into my life, like a warm blush suffuse,
Forever and always, You are My Muse.

Beautiful photograph by: E Brusida Portrait at Deviantart


Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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