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dream- tranquility

When the Light fails and shadows,
Like demons ,creep into the Twilight,
Refresh my Thoughts with Calm Tranquility
And Soothe my Senses as Mildly as Chamomile,
That in my confusion I will Ever Seek Your Abiding Love.

When darkness lurks and fear takes root,
Like thick and tumbling wintry fog,
Warm my Heart with Gentle Reassurance
And Comfort my anxiety as Tenderly as Devotion,
That in my uncertainty I may Ever Remember You are Near.

When Weariness O’rewhelms my mind
And Subtleties escape my plummeting grasp,
Alleviate my turmoil with Quiet Serenity
And Smooth my frazzled nerves with Your Calming Hand,
That in my Calamity I will Ever Feel Your Presence.




Beautiful Image found on Google Images….no Artist denoted. 😦