In The Hush- #Poetry of #Spirituality and the #NaturalWorld

In the Hush1

In the Hush

And the stillness of Morn

Transcendence Awakens

Harmony is Born

Willows Whispering

Upon the Bright Breeze


Singing from the Trees

In the Hush2

In the Silence

Of the Lavender Eventide

Contemplation Stirs

From Deep Inside

Shadows Lingering

Beneath the Glow of the moon

Sweet Serenity

Chanting in the Bloom

In the Hush3

In the Stillness

of the Velveteen Night

Perspicacity Shimmers

In the Sparkling Light

Indigo Embrace

Sound of the Sky

Harmonious Tones

Teach the Spirit to Fly!







Beautiful Photographs found at:, & by Daniel Greenwood. Grateful Appreciation acknowledged to the Amazing Original Photographers. Thank You


  1. teaching the Spirit to fly, the saving of our planet, the effort to dull the spirit, confusion and chaos, however, even the physicists of our times agree on one thing, there is a hidden power at work, and the physicists admit,they are clueless, something to be hopeful for..amen

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