#MusicandMuse – Emblazoned – #Poetryand#Music

Quiet 9



Amidst the winds of shapeless Time

Reason stands Mute

As Traitorous Rhyme

As countless eons wax and wane,

Beauty Surpassing

This Listless plane;

Time Alone Standing Testament

To all we Hinder and Represent,

Watching through the shifting shades

As battles ensue and Treasure fades.

Whispers of a Golden Shrine,

Tales lost on the wind of surfeit’s brine,

Roiling waves in the tempestuous sea

Of Emblazoned Sacred Harmony,

Calling us backward into all we

Once Knew;

Gently Reminding

Of what Speaks Ever True!






Beautiful Original Music by BrunuhVille

Lovely photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original photographer. Thank You~


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