#MusicandMuse – Unobserved Paradigm – #poetry and #Music


Delicate and Strong,

Forgotten, not wrong,

Where all the words Transpose,

Where the Heart truly Knows;

Singing in Reverie,

Silence Transpiring,

Whispering sweetly of Unspoken lore,

Dancing in the Memory of Forevermore.

Listen in moments of Unhurried Pause,



Amidst the Eternal Cause

Of all that is and was, Once More

Entreating the Heart,

Quietly to Implore;



Remember the days

Of Lush Tranquility among

The Sunsetting haze

Of Diligence and Creed,

Timelessly Dancing;

Taking Your Hand,

Ever Romancing;

Slip into Step,

Step Into Rhyme

Of All Once Remembered,

The Now unobserved Paradigm.





.The Music and Muse category by Morgan shares Poetry and the Music which Inspired it.

Beautiful Original Music by BrunuhVille


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