Immortality- A State of Mind or Body? – #BookReviews


What if the Fountain of Youth was real?

Humans have always been obsessed with aging and death. Throughout history, the quest for a way to remain forever young has consumed mankind. What if two men stumbled upon a way to ensure eternal youth? What if it changes their lives, not only for the better, but in ways they never could have imagined?

Immortal is a story filled with adventure, mystery, and thrilling twists. Follow these men as they stumble upon not only their greatest discovery, but possibly their ultimate undoing.


My Review-  5-Stars!

Through the shifting tides of time, humans have yearned for eternal youth. How does one achieve the seemingly impossible? Is youth a physical or mental condition? Immortal unlocks the mind to explore these questions and more. It challenges the reader to step beyond the box of contemporary thinking and reach beyond accepted limitations. Each page invites the reader to not only enjoy the tale unfolding around two compelling and relatable characters, but to question deeper and seek further along with the characters.

A thoroughly unexpected and satisfying page-turner, Immortal will tempt you to unlock the Fountain of Youth waiting in your own life. A highly recommended read, particularly for these challenging times.


Immortal by David Boiani

David Boiani is an American author living in Coventry, RI. He writes Psychological thrillers mixed with a touch of horror. He has two short story collections available, Dark Musings and Darker Musings. His debut novel, A Thin Line and its sequel, The Redemption are also now available. He is currently working on two more novels: Immortal, which will be released in the fall of 2019 and Azreal’s Ledge, which will be released in the spring of 2020.

You can visit his website here



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