Whispering Serenity- #A Boring Moment -#COVID-19 #Meditations of #Hope


Cast the brazen rush of thoughts,

A churning tempest in your mind,

Unto the Solitary wind,

Whispers of Serenity there to Find.

Be Calm among the restless throng

Thrashing in the maddening churn;

Serenity Whispers Quietly

From the Hush of starlight as it burns.

Loose the shackles of dismay

That bind your hands and feet;

Fall into Serenity Whispering

From the garden of moonlight, Smiling Sweet.

Listen not to the wrathsome noise;

Sigh deep and long as the chaos whirls;

Listen to Serenity Whispering

As Tranquility Gently unfurls.


Today’s world of rush and hurry, of frenzied business and over-scheduling and impatience may have been calmed, slightly, by the blight of COVID, but the tumultuous storm of social media that has spewed outward in its wake can still leave our spirits needing.  Although it is difficult to avoid, this calamity of chaos can be balanced through the deliberate seeking of Quietness and Calmness, and one does not need a strict regimen of yoga or meditation in order to find it.  What is required, however, is a decision.

Deciding to choose a few moments of Quietness in place of turning on the telly or switching on your playlist can, at first, seem just as challenging as the aforementioned yoga.  Electing to go outside to sit Quietly beneath the stars may sound monumentally boring, and choosing to stay home rather than running out early to grab that over-caffeinated, sugar-infused, powerhouse beverage might lead you to wonder if you’ll stay awake long enough to accomplish the 101 things on your To Do List, BUT the benefits of Quietness and Calmness cannot be overstated.

I recently found myself beside a pristine lake surrounded by acres upon acres of woodland, a crystalline cerulean sky stretching out overhead.  The Quietness and Calmness of that place filled me more sweetly and far more intoxicatingly than the finest wine and the peace that environment suffused into me has lasted days later.  I sat with eyes closed, listening in bewitched breathlessness to the Hush; the whispering wind as it swept its hands through the tawny hair of the bordering trees; the mesmerizing ripples of unobtrusively  burbling water; the laughter of waterfowl praising the golden sunlight and the tambourine chatter of dried leaves tumbling over flaxen grasses.  The Quietness and Calmness filled my senses with Serenity that soothed unlike anything else might, sharing its precepts unforgettably.

All that is required is a decision.


Close your eyes



You may be surprised just how restful a boring moment can truly be !




Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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