Deliciously Satisfying #Epic #Fantasy- #5Star #BookReview of Beloved Traitor


Beloved Traitor (Fragile Fate Trilogy Book 1)

When the highest prophet in the land wields his power, kings and queens become pawns.

Coerced into betraying the barbarian king who raised him, a disowned mage, Brandt, kills the high queen, sending the already unstable regions into chaos. His mage nature and the scars of the past fight against his desire to be a better man as he attempts to find common ground amid the feuding powers.

While Brandt struggles for a place with the noble mages and barbarians, his actions send three princesses on paths that will take them far from home. Each carry passions and fears they must control if they are to become more than prisoners of fate. Carving new paths could lead to the devastation or salvation of themselves as well as the kingdom.

With powerful men holding the truths of the past in the shadows, how the young prince and princesses choose to wield their new power could destroy them all. Can they bring peace to the kingdom or will they be the next victims sacrificed in the fight for the high throne?


MY 5-Star Review

In a realm where magic and mages are all powerful and submission is forced onto those assumed to be weak, an intriguingly complex array of characters spin out a tale that is wholly relatable to our present reality.  With a Viking-Norse flair and a driven pace, I found myself reading longer than I planned to each time I picked up the book simply because I was so captivated. I couldn’t put it down.  I kept saying ‘just one more chapter….’

This epic fantasy not only set the ground work for its sequel, which I’m eagerly anticipating, but took its time, delivering deliciously satisfying world-building and introducing a marvelous collection of fascinating characters I learned to both love and hate.  I hope the author doesn’t keep us waiting too long for book 2!


Discover more about the author Jeremiah Dungan

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