#Fantasy #WritingPrompt #Preview- Probing for Interest


For my fellow writers: Would you be interested in a writing prompt series that would showcase your writing?

I’ve had this thought turning for several weeks in my mind to run a writing- prompt series on my blog. This wouldn’t be the same ol’ same ol’ and would not be quite like other writing prompt posts. It would be a picture/ image with a specific prompt in mind…. something you have to write about concerning the picture. Ok ok that’s your basic prompt- produce prefabrication, but this is the variation.

I’d post a picture like above and ask writers to create a character in 1000 words or less. Or I’d post a landscape and want writers to do a little world building. Maybe I’d post two characters and see what fantastic dialog they might have or what sort of conflict they would get into.

Being a fantasy writer, and someone who loves to create, the notion appeals, but does it appeal to you?

I welcome you’re feedback, because if your game, it’s a go!


~Morgan ~


  1. She arrived at midnight: out of the treeline and into the logging camp where the intruders lay abed. All garbed in glossy raven feathers, all that set her apart from the shadows was her alabaster skin. So white she looked like a corpse.

    Shack after logger’s shack she came and went, slitting the throats of each and every outsider.

    Then and only then did she meld back into the shadows. Back into the treeline and the dark of the woods, where everything lives off the death of another.

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