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For my fellow writers: Would you be interested in a writing prompt series that would showcase your writing?

I’ve had this thought turning for several weeks in my mind to run a writing- prompt series on my blog. This wouldn’t be the same ol’ same ol’ and would not be quite like other writing prompt posts. It would be a picture/ image with a specific prompt in mind…. something you have to write about concerning the picture. Ok ok that’s your basic prompt- produce prefabrication, but this is the variation.

I’d post a picture like above and ask writers to create a character in 1000 words or less. Or I’d post a landscape and want writers to do a little world building. Maybe I’d post two characters and see what fantastic dialog they might have or what sort of conflict they would get into.

Being a fantasy writer, and someone who loves to create, the notion appeals, but does it appeal to you?

I welcome you’re feedback, because if your game, it’s a go!


~Morgan ~