Beloved – #Love #poetry


Long I have Embraced you,

Solemn and Silent

In the Restless winds of Life


Through the Tranquility of night.

Long I have Considered you,

Entwined by my Embrace

As the north wind howls


The shifting hands of Time turn.

Long shall I Surround you

As day ever Turns to night,

While the Heavens spiral overhead


Shadows grow in the Glimmering Twilight.


Oh Beloved One

And Longer still

Shall this Love Breathe




~Morgan ~


Beautiful original photograph found on Pinterest. Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the original photographer. Thank you~


  1. Hi Morgan, I must commend your creativity and the evergreen words you bring up each time you publish on your blog. You made my 2018 incredible and I always look forward to your next publications. In the same light, I have received a good number of likes from you on my blogs as well. It really gladdens my heart each time I notice your likes and comments.
    More importantly, I have a forthcoming publication titled β€˜Voices’ and I am in need of contributing poets on this one. I am hoping you will be interested in contributing to this effort. β€˜Voices’ as titled is meant to discuss about the different visage of love – sweet love and sour love. In this publication, each contributing poets will come up with two poems; one perfect love story and the other, a sad love story.
    I was studying at your blog and I discover you have done so much on this subject matter, if given the permission I will go ahead to pick from the poems on your blog. I am hoping to have (15) fifteen contributing poets; among these poets are: Robert Okaji, Ragazza Triste, Vinz-Double-O, Luna, Specsladeyes, Baffy Basics, Cubby, Shefali among others. Your contribution and support will be well acknowledged and preached.
    Thanks for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Victor Eshameh-Giftedminds


    1. Hello Victor
      I am honored you feel as you do and would be most willing to share two poems for your collection as long as you…as I am quite certain you shall…give credit to all contributing poets and link back to my blog please. I think one of my better love poems is Ransom and would be happy to share it. Perhaps youd like to select one you feel is sad ? Will you need a word.doc copy of the verses? If so please find my email under my contact info and I can send them to you. Thank you so much.


      1. Thanks Morgan.
        I’ll definitely credit all poet and include your blog link. I’ll check for your email and mail you at once. A word.doc is perfect. Please also include a short profile of yourself and your blog link.


      2. Hi Victor, just wanted to touch base. I haven’t seen an email from you yet. You can find my email address under Contact Me on my homepage. πŸ˜‰


      3. Yes Morgan. Thanks for reaching out. Actually I have a long list I’m working with. I guess I’ll just move straight to your blog before the end of the day. Thanks Morgan


      4. i got 7 super interesting titles and words to go along.
        HOW LONG
        those are the post selected. do you have any preference?


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