The Conversation of Transformation – #MeditativeThinking & #Spirituality


Speak in tones that are Hushed and Still,
In Quiet Transition and Lingering Blaze,
While the Quickening Breeze lends a corporeal Thrill,
The Luster of Autumn’ Sweet Golden days.

Cherry-cheeked apples fill cask and crate,
While pumpkins Smile a toothless Grin,
Crimson and Russet Dance in Unified State,
While Garden Spiders Laboriously Spin.

These Restful Days all too Fleeting Pass,
As November Strides in with hoarfrosts Waiting,
Shifting life’s waters as a looking glass
Finding Reflection, Perfection Creating.


In the glorious shimmers and russet tones of Autumn, we revel in warm colours and sweet scents; tempting our pallets with tantalizing spices as the lush splendour of summer transforms into the stillness of winter. Colours fade like the hours of daylight diminishing; Shadows lengthen in the clustering dimness, and as the frolicking jubilee of summer settles into the quiet repose of winter I find myself considering how very much like Life are these transitions.

Autumn brings the shifting season of life into sharp detail for me, much like the colours of Fall. The gentle transformation from taxing summer to seductive autumn encourages me to reflect and allow Change the opportunity to whisper of new and different possibilities. A season of transformation, Autumn reminds me that internal alterations are often as necessary and Life-Renewing as external ones. It suggests that how I relate to the world, as well as to myself through Mind, Spirit, and Body, can be as ever-changing as the seasons.

As simply and as beautifully as leaves transforming from glorious green to radiant umber and glittering gold, that which makes us reflective and opens our minds to possibility speaks to each of us. It’s a conversation, not a lecture. A chorus meant to be shared. A rhyme intended to be enjoyed. So in this magnificent season of transformation, when colours are converting and all of nature prepares for renewal, perhaps we should pause as well, breathe deep, and open our thoughts to the conversation waiting all around us.

We might be surprised by what we hear!


Beautiful Original Artwork: Autumn Farm by Paul Landry

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