#FridayFantasy – Arvansys and Gwynzeles – #Fantasy #FlashFiction

Arvansys 1


A very long time ago, before anybody had ever been born, there lived a creature very unlike you and me that roamed these lands alone. He was enormous, more than four times the height of man and three times as wide. He resembled a human, though he was not mortal.  His long black hair was unkempt; his eyes were gray, his skin pale, and his nails sharp. Through his hair protruded two curved horns and attached to his back was a pair of stunning silver wings of dragon-hide with small talons at the tips. He was both beautiful and terrifying to behold, and his name was Arvansys.

For the entirety of his being, Arvansys was free to explore anywhere on land or in the skies. He coexisted with the plants and animals harmoniously, but Arvansys knew something was missing. No matter what he did, he could not find complete contentment with the flora and fauna that surrounded him; they were suitable companions, but he wanted something… more. After a while, the animals, plants, and even the clouds in the sky began to notice Arvansys’s depression.

One spring morning, while the leaves and blades of grass were still covered with dew, Arvansys was walking through the forest when he came across a dead tree stump. It was old and hollow, but two branches remained on either side, leafless. He stared at the lifeless tree for a few moments, and suddenly, he had a thought! He knew what it was that he longed for. Hurriedly, Arvansys searched the area for leaves, twigs, and stones, piling the collection at the base of the tree. When he had collected a sufficient amount, he used the various pieces of nature to decorate the stump. Upon his completion, Arvansys stepped back to admire his handiwork: the remainder of a tree trunk had disappeared, and in its place stood a piece of art. He had used the twigs and rocks to liken the stump to another creature like himself, but as a female. Arvansys yearned for her to be real, to be able to share a friendship with her so deep that they would be together until the end of time. He even knew what her name would be, if she were real – Gwynnzeles.


Suddenly overpowered by his desire, Arvansys fell to the ground and sat in front of his would-be mate. He found a decently large stick on the ground near his feet, hollowed it, and carved it to create a musical instrument. In order that he might express his emotions and pining, Arvansys began to create beautiful yet melancholy music. These notes and feelings floated upward and eventually found their way to the stump of “Gwynnzeles”. The music spiraled around her when suddenly the tree stump was no longer lifeless.

Arvansys became aware of a new presence before him and looked up. There, standing in front of him, was a gorgeous creature with delicate horns on her head, long blonde hair, and a set of breathtaking, almost translucent periwinkle wings. Arvansys knew right away that this was her. Both he and his heart leaped for joy and he took her into his arms, spinning both of them around and up above the clouds. He was no longer alone, for Gwynnzeles was finally by his side. As they danced together in the skies, all of the earth and sky celebrated; even the clouds were so happy that they shed tears of bliss. Where these tears hit the ground, little flowers grew quickly and morphed into human beings – our ancestors.

When they had finally settled down, Arvansys and Gwynnzeles returned to the world and took up new responsibilities caring for all of nature and the skies, so that the new people with which they now shared the land could flourish.



This wonderful myth of Creation was written by my beautiful niece Katelyn.
I simply had to share it 🙂

Beautiful Original artwork by Rongrong Wang at Deviantart.com and Shamail

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