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Midnight ArcherB&W


Luring Zephyr of Silver Nighttide,

Glistening upon the bare Silken Road

From which my Musings extend

To Wander,

Piqued by curiosity while Shadows Goad;

Sparkle of Darkest Velveteen Sea,

Whispering in Lilting carols, Unsung;

Begging Enchantment from the depths

Of my Dreams

While the Bow of the Midnight Archer is Strung;

Piquant Charms

of Dilatants Muse,

Beguiling Suggestion

to Entangle and confuse,

Entreat my Unraveled Notions of shifting Thought

When, by your Tantalizing Ruse I am Helplessly Caught.






Beautiful Artwork found on Wallpaperfinder.com  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Artist.   Thank You!