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Speak to my Heart with Whispers

And Deep Sighs

Beneath the Lavish Caress of the willow

Bowing Gracefully in Resplendent

Whispers and Deep Sighs


Sing to my Soul with Dances of Indigo

And Silver Moonlight

Beside the Suspirations of the Lilting brook

Tumbling Joyfully in Amused

Dances of Indigo and Silver Moonlight


Delicious Song of Eventide



Softly Imbue


I will be off for a few days to recover fully, yet wanted to leave you with this Sigh and Smile until I return next week.  Blessings of Peace and Rest be Upon You my Dear Friends~





Beautiful Photograph found at:  .desktopnexus.com Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You!