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Official Review: Dark Fey: The Reviled Post by mratdegraff91 »

[Following is the official OnlineBookClub.org review of “Dark Fey: The Reviled” by Cynthia A. Morgan.]

4 out of 4 stars

Dark Fey: The Reviled by Cynthia A. Morgan

Ayla is a Light loving, Guardian of the Childfey of Hwyndarin in the mystical realm of Jyndari. She is to protect them from those who seek to steal them away known as the Reviled or Dark Fey. Ayla has amazing abilities that set her apart from her fellow Light Fey that has allowed her to sense something dark lurking. As she contains this secret, she develops a relationship with an unlikely person that she hesitates to pursue. As she continues the secrecy, she faces her feelings head on, and her life is turned upside down by one who is engrossed in darkness and shadow. Only she can help this individual and set about a brilliant change within both their worlds. She is aided by her Celebrant love Mardan to turn the tables of their realm but causes a large force of Dark Fey to descend upon their home and is swept up into a battle between Light and Dark. Can these Fey with the arrival of their new friend Gairynzvl find peace again?

Of all the characters in this novel, by Cynthia A. Morgan, my favorite is Gairynzvl. He has so many layers of emotion and strength so that I was overwhelmed and concerned for Ayla when he arrived in her world. I love that he too shares similar gifts with her and that they can connect on a deeper level than that of which she connected with Mardan. Although I like Mardan’s character at the start of the book, I began to sense a darkness in him as the story progressed and am curious to see what becomes of him in the second installment in this series.

The author did a great job on this piece, and I only found a few grammatical errors throughout the book. The story was pieced together well so that the reader struggles to put it down. The timeline was a bit confusing but did not deter me from the novel. I did struggle for some time shortly after starting the book while anticipating Gairynzyl’s arrival but the book quickly brought me back in. With that, I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars and recommend it to readers.

The author bases a lot of what takes place in her novel off the actions of the Lord’s Resistance Army reeking havoc in Uganda. She relates what happens with the Reviled Fey according to what takes place with children kidnapped for the army. She does not go into detail about the torture but expresses the brutality and lasting effects it causes to those who survive through it. She is also an author of a blog entitled “Booknvolume” where she treats her followers to her brand of poetry, English Sonnets, and musing about life. She is a member of the Poetry Society of America, is ranked among the top authors of the Independent Author Network, and is rapidly advancing with her writing.

Morgan’s novel, Dark Fey: The Reviled, is the first in it series. It falls under the category of Sci/Fi fantasy and is 224 standard pages. It features romance, joy, sadness, betrayal, and renewal. There is some violence within the story but nothing extremely severe. This type of novel would be most appealing to those interested in the world of the Fey, Sci/Fi fanatics, and Romance lovers. Magic is also found within this piece and would be of interest to those who love to read magical works.


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