#FridayFantasy – Captive of Shadows


Staring down from the precipice upon which he stood, the young Dark Fey strained his vision against the thick gloom of the sky to watch as a group of newly captured Fey of the Light younglings was herded from the borderlands crossing point.  Even from the distance he kept, he could hear their crying and it tore at him.  There was so little he could do to protect them from what was to come and no way to return them to the Light from which they had been so mercilessly stolen.

He remembered only too clearly the first torturous days after his own abduction; the severing loneliness, numbing cold, gnawing hunger and inescapable thirst that filled the darkness of the cramped prison into which he had been hurled. He had not been alone in that chamber of horrors.  Several other childfey, even younger than he at the age of seven, shared the darkness of that terrifying place, but they learned very quickly that they were not permitted to help or even to comfort each other.  Worse, when no family members came to rescue them, the harsh truth of their new reality was smothering.

Although those dark days were now five years behind him, Gairynzvl could not restrain the shudder that raced over him at recalling such harrowing memories and he growled viciously.  Turning away sharply, he gritted his teeth with determination and swore vehemently that he would find some way to change what seemed unalterable.


I am excited to share with you the first few paragraphs of my newest endeavor:  A Dark Fantasy Spinoff/prequel (does that make it a SpinQuel?) of Dark Fey.  This work will carry the story further; yet share many insights into the main character’s past (Gairynzvl).  It will introduce readers to new characters, as well as spend more time amid the gloom of the Uunglarda.  For the moment, thats all I know, but its wonderful to find my creativity working passionately once again!




Having Perused, Let Your Thoughts Show; and in Receiving them, Thank You Ever So!

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