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Lupine 1

~In order to Enjoy this Post to the fullest, Please play the music of the first video and the second video simultaneously ~
(You are able to,  play the second video twice during the full playing time of the first)



Shroud of White

Mists of Time

Ethereal Scent

Ancient Crime

Once forgotten

yet Long Remembered

Harmony of brotherhood

Musically engendered

Masters of Music

Empowering Spirit

Lifting my Life Force

So Fortunate to Hear It!

Creature of Myth

Flame of Harmony

Prayers Surround You

O Listen and See

Such Precious, Priceless, Lupine Beauty!


Lupine 2


The Music and Muse category by Morgan shares Poetry and the Music which Inspired it.

Beautiful Original Music by: BrunuhVille
Beautiful Photographs found on Pinterest