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You are a Blessing that brings smiles to my face each and every day.  You have made Booknvolume FAR more successful than I ever Dreamed it might be.  and YOU are who I am Thankful for this holiday season.

Yet as the rush and bustle of the season bears down, I have realized this year, perhaps more than most, that time is so very precious.  Each Moment goes by in a flash and, while the season brings joy and glitter, yummies for tummies, and mirthful musings, it can also bring challenges, frustrations and that ogre of evil STRESS!!

SO, I have decided to listen to myself, for a change!, and take a break during this busy season in order to remain focused and ENJOY the holiday.  In my absence, I will be Re-Running some of my previous works, just to keep the dust from accumulating 😉

For those of you who share this holiday season with us and even those who do not, I Wish You All the Best Tidings of Joy and Light.  May you Find Happiness by the sleigh-full and Treasure the time with family and friends.

Blessings to you my Dear Ones!